[MAJ] Rockstar Hacked, Over 90 GTA 6 Gameplay Videos End up in the Wild

Of course, the game is VERY far from over.

It’s a funny Sunday that Rockstar must live right now. A leak content related to GTA 6 occurred early this morning, and not a small one: it would be a question of more than 90 gameplay videos which are currently being exchanged and posted on various hosting services at breakneck speed, for more than an hour of viewing.

While the Bloomberg reporter is currently on paternity leave and prayed to the Video Game Gods that nothing out of the ordinary would happen while he was gone, poor Jason Schreier nevertheless went fishing for information and says on Twitter that the leak is real. Moreover, Take-Two would have already started to issue notices (DMCA) all over the place, although the leak of such magnitude is particularly difficult to contain.

Unsurprisingly, most of the videos were recorded on a game actively in development et date from 2019and in no way represent the quality of the final game… whose output could still easily be counted in years. Some of the videos only last only a few seconds and clearly serve debugging hardware for Rockstar developers, like the many consoles and development interfaces lead him to think.

Outside of a heist mission in a diner, it is difficult to extrapolate something interesting from a gameplay point of viewgiven that the videos usually dwell on small details related to development. But it is clear and clear that the title will propose this time to embody a couple of thugss compound of a man and a woman : Jason and Luciainformation that had already been confirmed by Shreier during the summer.

Some keen-eyed fans will of course recognize the streets of Vice CityMiami pastiche which should benefit from the latest advances in Rockstar’s engine.

The biggest leak in history?

How is than such a massive leak could it have happened? An unscrupulous and revengeful employee? According to journalist Tom HendersonRockstar’s servers would have been just pirated…by the same hacker who allegedly recently infiltrated l’intranet d’Uber and stolen a lot of private information, as well as source code.

From now on, the pirate would seek to resell some of his finds… starting with GTA 5 source codewhich could be a disaster for GTA Online security. Worse still, the hacker would also have had access GTA 6 source code and assetsbut wouldn’t be looking to resell them at the moment, although he wouldn’t be against the idea to extort money from Rockstar.

Unsurprisingly, this leak could have very serious repercussions on the development of GTA 6…whose development was already considered a long time by fans. Some knowledgeable insiders expect the title to hope a release for 2024-2025but… nothing is really sure anymore.

[mise à jour 19/09 15h30]

The studio could very well have remained silent, as it usually does, but the event is obviously too serious not to be commented on.

Rockstar did indeed post a statement on Twitterconfirming that the contents of the studio’s servers have been illegally accessed. linked files to the development of GTA 6 were stolen, but outside videos who shot on the net, Rockstar will not confirm if les code sources the GTA 5 and GTA 6 are actually in the hands of the hacker. The studio thus estimates that les services live de GTA 5 (or Red Dead Redemption 2) are not threatened at this time.


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