[MAJ] Hell Let Loose is the next free PS Plus game on PlayStation 5

Pending COD: Vanguard

[mise à jour 29/09 17h30]

This dear car-only was once again right: Hell Let Loose will be the next game included in the PlayStation Plus offer for PS5 owners. The announcement was made official on the official PlayStation blog:

This WWII-inspired multiplayer game features dantesque 100-player combat with a unique metagame based on RTS and resource management mechanics. Commanders direct the flow of combat and coordinate powerful skills that influence the advance of their troops to victory. Team up and fend off line fighters * in 50v50 skirmishes on ever-changing terrain. Choose one of the 14 playable roles in infantry, reconnaissance or armor units. Each unit has authentic weapons, vehicles and equipment.

It is the same with Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21 which will be available to players on PS4. They will have October 5 to November 1st to add titles in their PS Plus game library.

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It’s been a few months since the good business sharing site Dealabs reports in advance – and successfully – the games that will be included in the PlayStation Plus offer. The user billbil-kun repeats and indicates that Hell Let Loose will be the next PlayStation 5 game in the spotlight, a brand new game.

According to him, this is the reason why le FPS Hardcore is not open for pre-orders on PS5, which is however the case sur Xbox Series. Moreover, we notice that Hell Let Loose Open Beta held two weeks ago was exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

Thus, the output of Hell Let Loose on next-gen consoles – released in version 1.0 on PC last summer – should coincide with the next PlayStation offer window, which will start October 5 to end November 2.

PlayStation 4 players are not forgotten and should be able to take advantage of Mortal Kombat X, the penultimate opus to date, and PGA Tour 2K21 for those who prefer green to blood red.


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