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[Màj: 5.4.4] iAddict v5.4 is available: image zoom, push sound customization and optimizations

A fourth big update for our application iAddict v5 (App Store link – Free – iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) is available for download on the App Store. In this version 5.4, it is now possible to zoom in on an image in an article after selecting it with a tap. A long long press on the image (when zoom is not enabled) will copy the image link, open it in safari or share it.

Image zoom (left) / options with a long press (right)

Another novelty, you can now customize the choice of the ringtone of the app from a list as was the case in iAddict v3 (iAddict v4 did not offer this function).

Finally we made some optimizations and bug fixes.

👉 Download our iAddict v5 app

Do not hesitate to leave us a little comment on the App Store.


An update to 5.4.1 fixes the problem of the application crashing when pressing a notification.

Update x2

The gesture to see the comments is back in version 5.4.2 (Link App Store – Free – iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) . Just swipe left from the right edge of the screen in an article. We also added a confirmation popup on the “Mark all as read” button to avoid accidental clicks. Finally we have made optimizations concerning data refresh which can be capricious because of caching.

Update x3

The Update 5.4.4 is available on the App Store (Link App Store – Free – iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch). here’s what’s new:

– Added swipe to access comments from an article on iPad (left gesture from the right edge of the screen)

– Added swipe to switch from one article to another on iPad

– Added swipe in the article list on Apple Watch to bookmark or read an article later

– Big performance optimizations on item lists

– Corrections de bugs


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