macOS 12 Monterey: here are the computers compatible with Apple’s new OS

Apple recently introduced its new operating system for its Mac computers. With the final version of macOS Monterey coming out in the fall, what devices will be compatible? We reveal all that to you in this article.

macOS Monterey SharePlay

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino company announced the future arrival of macOS Monterey. Among the new features presented, we notably retained the integration of Shortcuts which will allow users to perform their recurring tasks more quickly. Something new is also expected on the side of FaceTime, which will be embellished with spatial audio and a portrait mode blurring the background. Thanks to SharePlay, it will also be possible to share your screen with your interlocutor.

What is more, Apple wanted to improve the ability of Macs to be able to collaborate with other bitten apple products. To do this, the Cupertino giant has developed the Universal Control. A feature allowing to switch very quickly from one device to another using the mouse. The MacBook just needs to be close to the iPad or iMac.

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macOS 12: which computers will be compatible?

A beta version for developers is already available. The deployment of a public beta is scheduled for July. Before the final version of macOS 12 arrives next fall. FHowever, many computers will be able to work with Monterey. Here is the list :

  • iMac: all models from at least late 2015
  • iMac Pro: all models from at least 2017
  • Mac Mini: all models from at least late 2014
  • MacBook Air: all models from at least 2015
  • MacBook Pro: all models from at least 2015
  • Mac Pro: all models from at least late 2013
  • MacBook: all models from at least 2016

If you cannot find your computer in this list, it means that it will not be able to benefit from the new operating system. In other words, its end of course is imminent.

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