MacBook Pro 2021 (M1X): release date, price, spec sheet, what to expect?

Apple will present the new 2021 MacBook Pro this Monday, October 18, 2021. The latest rumors mention the arrival of a new 14-inch MacBook Pro and a refreshed 16-inch, both equipped with high-density mini-LED screens from pixels, as well as a new, more powerful version of Apple’s M1 processor. Drelease date, price, technical sheet, what to expect?

MacBook Pro 2021

Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro M1 in November 2020, but at the time, the new model did not include any changes in its design. Things will change in 2021, since in addition to the arrival of the M1X chip, rumors suggest that Apple is preparing to completely revise the design of the MacBook Pro.

This year, Apple plans to introduce two new models: a 14-inch MacBook Pro and one 16-inch MacBook Pro. Both would be equipped mini-LED screens high pixel density, as well as the brand new version of Apple’s M1 processor, the M1X chip, which may be called M2 …

Release date, price, technical sheet, what to expect with the 2021 MacBook Pro ?

MacBook Pro 2021: when to release?

Apple will broadcast the Mac-dedicated event called “Hang in there” on Monday, October 18, when we expect to see the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

As for their release date, Apple typically puts them on sale within a week or month, depending on inventory (and chip shortage, of course).

Apple Unleashed 2021
© Apple

MacBook Pro 2021: what price?

Most industry watchers believe there will be a price hike for the 14-inch model over the current 13-inch, starting closer to the top of the latter’s price range of $ 2,129. The base 13-inch model is currently listed at € 1,449, for information. The 16-inch MacBook Pro M1X is expected to be the same price as the current high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro, at $ 2,259. The basic 16-inch model costs € 1,679.

Given its new screen technology, which is more expensive to produce, and the raging chip shortage, such prices would not be surprising. However, it is questionable whether Apple will continue to offer the M1-based MacBook Pro 13 as a lower-cost option. The 14-inch model should a priori take the place of the current 13-inch and the 16-inch will replace the existing 16-inch version.

MacBook Pro 2021: that design?

A borderless screen, a style close to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

The MacBook Pro 14’s case size is expected to be similar to the current MacBook Pro 13, with the increase in screen size largely coming from a reduction in the machine’s top and side bezels. The bottom of the panel should not display the “MacBook Pro” labeling either, a new screen without edges.

As we told you, the two new upcoming models should benefit from some noticeable design changes. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes they will feature a flat-edged design, similar to the iPhone 12, without curved edges.

MacBook Pro 2021 design
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A more imposing thickness

When Apple changed from the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro to the 16.1-inch MacBook Pro, the physical size went from 35 x 24 cm to around 35.7 x 24.8 cm. The same could be said for the new 14-inch MacBook Pro.

A more efficient thermal system

Apple revamped the thermal system of the 16-inch MacBook Pro by increasing the size of the heat pipe, adding thermal pads, and increasing the size of the heat sink by 35%. The 2021 MacBook Pros will likely use the same thermal design as the current 16-inch MacBook Pro. Thanks to better management of air flow and heat and combined with a new chip from Apple, this new system should significantly increase computing power.

A revised and corrected connection?

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple will indeed add additional ports to the new MacBook Pros, although he hasn’t specified which ports they might be. Next-generation MacBook Pros are expected to include an SD card reader, some analysts say. This one would offer an easier way for people to transfer photos captured with cameras, drones and other similar devices. An HDMI port could also make its appearance.

MacBook Pro 2021 ports
Pray to heaven for more ports. © DR

In 2016, Apple rolled out its new portable Macs, all of which were portless except for the USB-C ports and the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, previous models, from 2012 to 2015, included a ‌MagSafe‌ connector, Thunderbolt ports, USB-A ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Back To The MagSafe

In addition to additional ports, Apple could put the MagSafe back in its portable Mac line. ‌MagSafe‌ connectors were used for MacBook Pro models from 2006 to 2016, before they were replaced with a USB-C port. Analysts expect newer models to come with MagSafe‌ for charging only, with that port‌ being separate from other included USB-C ports.

No Touch Bar?

Apple introduced a touch bar in its MacBook Pros in 2016, providing a small OLED display where the physical function keys were originally located. Apple had big plans for the Touch Bar, but it never really wowed consumers. According to analysts, it could quite simply disappear in 2021.

MacBook Pro 2021: which technical sheet?

16 + 512 Go

Newer MacBook Pro models are expected to feature 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for base models.

Arrival with fanfare of the M1X (or M2) chip

New Macs should benefit from the M1X chip, a 10-core processor that features eight high-performance cores and two power-efficient cores, as well as 16-core or 32-core GPU options. It will support up to 64 GB of RAM, against 16 GB currently for the M1. Hopefully it does as many wonders as its predecessor.

A brighter, more contrasted mini-LED display with more colors

Everyone now agrees that the new MacBook Pros will benefit from mini-LED screens. They could benefit from around 10,000 LEDs, each with less than 200 microns. This technology allows a thinner and lighter design, while offering many advantages: wide color gamut, high contrast and dynamic range, truer blacks.

See also: OLED, Micro-LED, Mini-LED: what are the differences between these screen technologies?

The same batteries, but powered by a massive M1X chip?

Analysts believe the 16-inch MacBook Pro will benefit from an 8,693mAh 11.45V battery. This is almost similar to the 8,790mAh, 11.36V battery that powers the 16-inch MacBook Pro. current. Autonomy should therefore not be revised upwards. On the other hand, the M1X chip is largely likely to bring its two cents in this area, so anything is possible.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is expected to benefit from a battery rated at 6,068mAh and 11.47V, which is a bit higher than the 5,103mAh battery in the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Say (finally) goodbye to the 720p webcam?

If there is one problem that annoys current MacBook Pros, it is their 720p webcam. Despite the improvements made thanks to the Neural Engine of the M1 chip, this is still too low to make good quality videoconferences. The next models are rumored to include a 1080p webcam.

Whatever happens, don’t forget that the new MacBook Pros will be presented on October 18, 2021. We will update this file as soon as the conference is over.


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