M Pokora: this terrible confidence about his grandfather’s illness!

On his Instagram account, M Pokora shared a video in which he made very touching secrets about his grandfather’s illness!

This Friday, September 17, M Pokora lived a truly incredible moment in his life, and in his career. For the very first time in his life, he performed on stage. If he had a happy time, he brought up a sadder subject: his grandfather’s illness.

A fight against Alzheimer’s disease

It’s a really incredible comeback for M Pokora. For the first time, he performed in a play called “Les Grandes Ambitions”. The latter really made the buzz among her fans.

M Pokora also seemed very happy to have played in this room. If this project is very important for the young man, there are others which particularly touch him. He does not forget his fights against Alzheimer’s disease.

In September 2020, the young man confided in the subject of the Foundation for Medical Research. He had revealed: “It is a very serious institution which is made up of a committee of highly recognized researchers in their field« .

Before adding: “She is one of the main donors in France. And it allows support research in many diseases. I know that it is a foundation which chooses very carefully the projects that it defends ”.

M pokora also added: “And the research campaigns it finances”. Subsequently, he had confided in his own story. « Alzheimer’s disease affects me particularly “.

“Because it is a disease that affected my family. And which affects millions of families in France. It’s part of my story. There are still many people who have not been directly or indirectly confronted with the disease ”.

M Pokora tells the story of her grandfather

M Pokora had also declared: “And who doesn’t know how devastating it is. On the one hand, devastating within a family. And on the other hand in the affected person. I therefore wanted to talk about it. Bear witness “.

M Pokora had revealed: “Share my experience. To try to make known a little more this disease. And the impact she could have on those around her. But also, get people to support the research. Because it is a real plague ”.

This Sunday, September 19, he also shared a new video on his Instagram account. He has, once again, raised awareness about the disease. But that’s not all. He told a really very poignant story about his grandmother.

Christina Milian’s sweetheart told his fans: “To have understood that my grandfather, the day I entered a room where he was and he had been seeing me, that’s when I understood that he no longer knew who I was ».

M Pokora also confided with great emotion: “And I had to get out of the room, go cry a little further down the hall« . He then concluded with a very strong message: “Let’s fight against oblivion”.

Kenna and Isaiah’s dad also starred in a movie with Muriel Robin to echo this story. It is the fiction “The First Forgotten”, broadcast on TF1, which has also been an incredible success.