M Pokora sells her house in the suburb of Beverly Hills and moves!

It’s confirmed. Singer M Pokora and his wife, singer Christina Milian, are moving from Beverly Hills to another house …

Beverly Hills, it’s over! As reported by the media Dirt, M Pokora and his wife, Christina Milian are leaving this upscale Los Angeles neighborhood for another home. MCE TV tells you more.

M Pokora moves from Beverly Hills

M Pokora has been in Paris for several months now. The singer, who deserted Paris to live his American dream, is currently at the theater.

Indeed, the darling of Chritina Milian is showing of the play Les Grandes Ambitions, at the Théâtre de la Madeleine until December. Then he will begin a tour which will end in February.

In this piece, the singer shares the poster with Estelle Lefébure and Philippe Lellouche. His wife, Christina Milian, therefore lives in Paris with her children, the time of the big tour.

A few weeks ago, we learned that M Pokora had acquired a sumptuous house in Beverly Hills. He moved into it less than a year ago with his wife and children, in a chic suburb of Beverly Hills.

The couple has already set their sights on a new property in Los Angeles. This time around, the property is no longer in Beverly Hills, but in West Hollywood.

After making a small capital gain on this property sold for $ 3.4 million, M Pokora and his wife opted for a new four-bedroom house near Beverly Grove, in West Hollywood. Price of the property? $ 4.3 million.

M Pokora sells her house in the suburbs of Beverly Hills and moves!
M Pokora sells her house in the suburb of Beverly Hills and moves!

M Pokora: his new life in Los Angeles

This new house of 460 square meters stands out for its brightness. The latter is made possible by glass partitions and large windows.

Outside the house are a swimming pool and a huge rooftop with a panoramic view of Los Angeles. Fan of cinema, the singer therefore opted for a cinema room in the basement.

Inside, the house has four bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. But also an office with a glass ceiling. The living room on the second floor of the house also opens onto a terrace.

We learn that the terrace has integrated benches qui offer a panoramic view all over the neighborhood. M Pokora will unfortunately not have time to enjoy his house for a few months.

The singer, who lived between France and California, decided to settle in the United States to build his life. He had shared the news on social networks.

Through a sincere post in 2019, he announced that he would take a break in his career, to devote himself to his family life. He also took the opportunity to announce that he was preparing his Pyramid Tour.

“The fact of being between two countries which do not have open borders for each other is really a headache for me this year, it is very difficult to manage”, he confided last September on RTL. M Pokora can therefore be reassured. His family now follows him wherever he goes.


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