Lucifer: Top 8 best fan theories on the famous series!

Lucifer Season 6 is fast approaching on Netflix. Screen Rant has just unveiled the best fan theories on the series.

As we approach the 6th and final season of Lucifer on Netflix, Screen Rant just published the best fan theories about the series. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The end for Lucifer

Since 2016, Lucifer delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! Tom Kapinos’ series features Hollywood’s sexiest devil. Unfortunately, All good things come to an end.

On September 10, aficionados will therefore their farewell to the adventures of the fallen angel and his acolytes. Sad news that still announces new epic episodes.

For the occasion, the site Screen Rant has therefore chosen to bring together the 8 best theories developed by fans. Let’s start our overview right away with the crazy idea that Chloe will end up dying and joining Heaven.

It was Ohrellyy who predicted that the two lovers will end their days together in the kingdom of heaven. Indeed, according to this Internet user, Samael should have redeemed his debt by then.

It remains to be seen whether he will still be in God’s position at that time. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that this hypothesis would make it possible to end the story in a pretty romantic way.

Subsequently, some exhibited the theory that Charlie will learn to fly. On Reddit, fans speculate that despite proof that Linda and Amenadiel’s child is indeed human, the latter may have supernatural powers.

For them it is obvious that these will eventually manifest. And that’s not all ! According to some viewers, Lucifer’s brother will teach his son to use his wings himself. MCE TV tells you more about the crazy theories on the net!

Trixie Princess of the Underworld

Screen Rant then continues with an absurd idea. Indeed, the website highlights the possibility that Trixie will one day become a princess of the underworld. The Redditor WhereWolfish indicates that Dan’s daughter will therefore be Maze’s heiress.

According to this fan, the relationship that the two characters in Lucifer have managed to create should explain this story arc. However, many oppose this theory.

Notably because of Chloe’s position as the new goddess. Also on Reddit, thebrownassassin speculated that the devil should soon ask for his beautiful in marriage.

And that’s not all ! He will make his request with Lilith’s ring. More than symbolic, this gesture should mark the decision of the Dark Lord to live eternally alongside his great love.

On the other hand, Straship-Ranger seems to think that the ring will be given to Mazikeen. And this, in order to prove to her that she is finally free.

For Ella, fans predict a clear future for her. In season 6 of Lucifer, she should finally find out the truth. So that this revelation should awaken the dark part of his personality.

Finally, God Johnson believes Amenadiel and his brother will end up saying goodbye to their statutes. Besides, that’s not all. The fans are sure that the devil will bring Dan back to life! To be continued…