Lucifer: these two supernatural series linked to the Netflix series!

The universe of Lucifer goes well beyond the six seasons! Netflix indeed has a series (and soon a second) that respond to it…

For those who were wondering if Lucifer is alone on earth, or, for once, in the Underworld… The answer is no! Another series available on Netflix is indeed part of the same universe. MCETV explains everything to you… And even tells you about another program.

Comics at the base of everything

Because some fans know it: the Devil would never have been the Devil without another Devil. A Devil written in a Comics named The Sandman. Joe Henderson, the showrunner, has given everything to « best fit the characters« .

Only one is deeply missing: Gaudium. « I wanted to do the comics justice. But him, I haven’t found a way to do it properly. » Gaudium will therefore never exist in Lucifer… But it could appear in two other series.

Indeed, another show joins the universe set up by Joe Henderson: Locke & Key. Two seasons which thus count the story of three brothers and sisters who leave in search of their father’s murderer. And who are going to make a very long journey…

And among the siblings, a sister will end up find a way to hell. Locke & Key therefore gives certain keys to understanding Lucifer. Because the series partly explains the time loop in which the devil finds himself stuck.

Season 2, put online at the end of October by Netflix, thus explores the world imagined by Joe Hill in his Comics… And season 3 will go even further. Enough to extend a little the universe of the Devil embodied by Tom Ellis? Not so sure…

Lucifer these two supernatural series linked to the Netflix series!
Lucifer these two supernatural series linked to the Netflix series!

Lucifer: upcoming crossovers?

Because the screenwriters of each of the three series wanted to be very clear: there will be no mixing of genres. Even though the three series are part of the same universe, they remain independent. So we won’t find Tom Ellis somewhere else…

Although, in addition to season 3 of Locke & Key, another series is brewing : The Sandman. This time, the reference to the Comics that brought Lucifer to life couldn’t be clearer. Because it is a more faithful adaptation of the writings of the three authors.

Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg had indeed decided that the Devil would only be a secondary character from The Sandman. And if Fox and then Netflix have devoted a series to it in its own right, the world will still widen.

By 2022, fans will be able to discover the whole universe of Lucifer. Netflix is ​​indeed preparing the release of this fantastic new series for next year. The platform even released a first teaser last September.

We discover a darker universe, made of black magic and beliefs in death… Far from the illuminated Los Angeles that Joe Henderson set up around Tom Ellis. But much closer to the Hell he left for the City of Angels.

If Lucifer Fans Feel Orphaned, So They Can find out more about their favorite devil. But being part of the same universe does not mean being made of the same wood!


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