Lucifer: the funniest scenes of the main characters!

In Lucifer, there are a lot of laughing scenes. It must be said that the characters all have their own little character. We tell you more.

In Lucifer, there is always a lot of humor. So the main characters are all funny in their own way. We remember several very funny scenes showcasing our favorite characters. We remind you of them in this article.

Lucifer: funny scenes

Even though the story can seem very deep at times, there is a lot of humor in Lucifer. And a lot of scenes that made us laugh out loud. And all the main characters have at least one. We think in particular of Ella’s.

Ella is the most naive character on the show. She is adorable and hugs everyone. Impossible not to love him. But in a murder she tries to recreate the story by mimicking what she thinks happened. Except that everything is going wrong.

Indeed, it becomes almost embarrassing when she mimics repeated stab wounds at the waist of Lucifer. If the latter laughs a lot, Chloe laughs yellow. Dan is the most mocked character in the Netflix series.

He wipes a lot of jokes from Lucifer. But he knows how to create scenes where we laugh. We think for example of the scene where Linda and Chloe were drinking and trying break in the Devil’s safe. Dan kindly angers them and finally comes back with a drill!

This creates a real surprise effect. We also think of the entire episode as a musical in the last few seasons. Lucifer pushes the song whenever his father is next to him. And that is really hilarious.

Lucifer: the funniest scenes of the main characters!
Lucifer: the funniest scenes of the main characters!

A series where we laugh

We can not help laughing in front of Lucifer. It is not possible. For example, when Linda learns that there is indeed a Hell and a Heaven, she freezes completely. During a session with the Devil himself, she seems to be listening.

But when he finishes speaking, she only asks questions about Hell. She is ask if Hitler is there! A moment when we laughed as much as we felt embarrassed is the stand-up scene of Amenadiel.

Indeed, Dan does improv. And his friend Aménadiel comes with him. Dan encourages him to take the stage. But ultimately the latter embarks on a long monologue on his relationship with his father. And that makes a real flop in the public.

But for us, the scene is rather funny! The funniest scene with Chloe is when she has a girl’s night out with Maze Linda and Ella. After a few drinks, the detective is no longer the same person. We remember his imitation of Lucifer.

But also of his unleashed karaoke with a rather terrible English accent! It’s rather rare to see the detective in such a light position. And this scene is good to see! There are of course many others. So if you haven’t seen the series, go for it!

It is totally worth it. You will not be able to regret, that’s for sure!


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