Lucifer season 6: the new God will go back in time to save Dan?

Good news for Lucifer fans, their prayers have been heard: Dan is going to make his comeback … It remains to be seen how!

All the fans were waiting for him, he will be back: Dan Espinoza will be good in season 6 of Lucifer! Killed because ofa Machiavellian plan by Michael at the end of season 5, the inspector will come back… MCETV tells you everything about this resurrection!

Dan alive, yes… But how?

Because it is indeed a resurrection! Killed several times in the back by traffickers, everyone misses the inspector. Fans reacted en masse to his funeral, full of sadness and tributes.

Most everything changed at the end of season 5 : in the last scenes, the good outweighs the bad. Or rather, Lucifer wins over Michael. Result, the Devil will become God. And it therefore opens up a very large field of possibilities.

Omniscient, able (finally!) To return to the kingdom of Eden, the Devil will be able to do things as he always imagined them. He has indeed very often criticized his father, and the way he created the world.

Now everything is in his hands: he will be able tor do justice as he sees fit, put the world back as it wants. And among the things he wants, Lucifer will probably think of his favorite sufferer, Dan.

After spending an entire season 5 episode to him prepare the worst hoax ever, the Devil may come back to help his friend. Because yes, despite the conflicting relationship that the two characters nurture, they are indeed friends.

Huge problem, Dan didn’t land where everyone hoped. His friends, his family imagined him in paradise. But Amenadiel and the Devil know it: he ended up in hell, tortured by his own guilt. It is therefore a question of redressing this injustice.

Lucifer season 6: the new God will go back in time to save Dan?
Lucifer season 6: the new God will go back in time to save Dan?

Lucifer: Dan back from the Underworld

Kevin Alejandro, the actor who lends his features to Dan … and who, too, was part of the team of directors for season 6, had announced it ” I will be back “. But how ? « Surprise… By flashbacks, maybe ? » The mystery therefore remains unresolved.

As always with Lucifer, the fans are therefore embarking on a race for the best idea. How can Inspector Espinoza get back so both satisfying and moving ? The answer necessarily revolves around the new God.

Very touching, the former Devil who became God is bound to go want to take care of his friend. So fans imagine him returning to his old kingdom, the Underworld, to go find Dan. And thus bring him back to the world of the living?

Because in the trailer, it looks like the inspector has found his place in the real worldthe. But how do you explain to Ella and the others that Lucifer came to hell to save him from his own guilt?

Very complicated, even if it is a policeman, and thata false burial for any reason remains imaginable … Only one thing to get there: the devil will have to face his fears and his demons.

Lucifer Season 6 arrives September 10 on Netflix. The fans are finally going find out the truth about Dan’s return and the first steps of the new God… Attention, it risks sending!