Lucifer season 6: detective Dan Espinoza will be back!

Lucifer season 6 is likely to cause a sensation among fans of the series. Dan Espinoza should also make his comeback.

The Return of Detective Dan Espinoza in season 6 of Lucifer just confirmed. Trixie’s daddy will be alongside the devil again as the apocalypse approaches. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lucifer season 6 approaching

The 6th and final season of Lucifer is fast approaching Netflix. Indeed, the video on demand service has just unveiled the broadcast date of the series long awaited.

And the least we can say is that aficionados won’t have to wait long. Eh yes ! From September 10, subscribers to the platform will have the chance to continue the adventures of the devil.

Good news that is already creating a buzz on the Web. Available since May 28 on SVOD at red “N”, the second part of season 5 had left many questions unanswered.

In particular on the future of the characters. As a reminder, the Creator had come down to earth in order to meet her grandson, Charlie. He even ended up announcing his retirement.

A golden opportunity for Lucifer to end hell once and for all. Neither one nor two, the devil therefore fought in order toget the coveted promotion.

And after a fierce fight against his twin brother, the fallen angel finally won the battle. Now the new guardian of the kingdom of heaven, viewers still seem skeptical.

Indeed, the character played by Tom Ellis has never been a big fan of responsibilities. It remains to be seen how the rest will unfold. And that’s not all !

While Lieutenant Dan Espinoza would die during an intervention in the last adventure, it seems that Chloe Decker’s ex is about to return from the afterlife. MCE TV tells you more!

Dan Espinoza back

Lucifer had indeed tried to find Dan Espinoza in Paradise. Bad luck, the young man did not seem to have landed in the kingdom of God.

And if Trixie’s daddy had to stay in the abyss, it seems that the renewal of the series has made the showrunners change their minds.

Kevin Alejandro, the character’s interpreter, has announced his comeback. He then explains: ” I think Dan is probably one of the characters who grew the most, which had one of the biggest arches. “

This is what the star of Lucifer declared to Newsweek. And to continue:“I was delighted to come back because i want to be there until the end. » Good news for fans who will no doubt be overjoyed at the idea of ​​finding the lieutenant.

According to the actor, it was then a common idea between the writers and him. ” I remember having had a conversation with Joe and Idly and I brought up the idea. ”

” I think that the public had just started to like Dan. And not just to love him, but to accept him as he is. ” It remains to be seen how Chloe’s ex will reappear. To be continued…


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