Love is in the meadow: this couple who are expecting a child are separating!

Nicole and François, a couple since season 14 of Love is in the meadow, are preparing to welcome a baby.

Although they started a baby, Nicole and François live apart. They no longer love each other like the first day in Love is in the meadow ? The MCE TV editorial staff gives you the answer right away.

Love is in the meadow forms of couples

Everyone knows the principle of Love is in the meadow. Several single farmers are introduced to the show’s audience. Following this, viewers can send a letter to the farmer of their choice. It is then up to him to choose the suitors who touched him the most.

What is surprising with Love is in the meadowis that production always involves people with a relatively atypical life course.

This year it is Alain who moved Karine Le Marchand as well as fans of the show. It must be said that the latter has gone through difficult trials in his life. He has in particular lost his farm in a fire.

But above all, Love is in the meadow serves to unite hearts. If that doesn’t work every time, we have already seen some couples last. We can especially talk about Nicole and François.

As a reminder, the two lovebirds met on season 14. Very quickly, they got along well. So much so that they decided to start the adventure together.

Since then, nothing seems to stop them. They even recently confided to their subscribers, on social networks, they were expecting a baby. The MCE TV editorial staff tells you more about this, later in this article.

Nicole and François separate despite a baby in progress

A few days ago, the star couple of Love is in the meadow announced they were expecting a baby. However, it wasn’t really planned.

« We had stopped the PMA approach because it involved a lot of things at the same time and we had other projects. We had our first visit but towards the end of the year we left that aside. »confided the young woman to purepeopleon June 17th.

« Finally, we had our baby naturallyt. I think it’s the fact that we released the pressure. It’s a surprise baby. », she then added. This takes nothing away from the happiness of Nicole and François.

Always with our colleagues, the candidate of Love is in the meadow explained that her pregnancy has not been smooth so far. She had to recover from her miscarriage. Then she feels very tired from the beginning.

But that’s not all. According to her words, the agreement would not be good between her and François. “We had little problems in our relationship, so I returned to Switzerland. I work there, so I go back and forth in Vendée. I’m going to give birth in Vendée so I’m staying until the end of the pregnancy. Next, we’ll see how it goes. »she explained.

Before concluding : “We lived together before. But I needed that break for a bit take the bull by the horns. ». To be continued.


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