Love is in the meadow: a former suitor back with a Miss!

In the next episode of Love is in the meadow, fans will be able to discover a farmer, on the arm of a Miss.

Big surprise for fans of Love is in the meadow. An ex-candidate of the program will return to the show. And viewers will be amazed to learn that it will arrive well accompanied… on the arm of an ex-Miss!

Karine Le Marchand, always present

No doubt the fans will be there. Like they do all the time. And if the program works so well, even after so many years, it is also thanks to Karine Le Marchand. The animator who still fascinates so much.

For his sympathy and his complicity with the candidates of Love is in the meadow. Besides, some wonder how this one manages to keep in shape. As a reminder, the host is 54 years old but still remains as resplendent.

Her secret, she revealed it in an interview with ELLE. This notably indicates:“If you are unhappy, embittered, frustrated. If you have a bad lifestyle… Or if you live with someone you don’t like… if you are jealous of others… it ends up showing! »

She blurted out before continuing:“Well, I also have to say that I had cosmetic surgery. I take it perfectly. I don’t like when women are made to feel guilty about this.. But then, what is his secret?

The host Love is in the meadow finally gave it:“I have to have good genetics. I quit smoking at 39. I also took up sports.. Like what, his secret is not really one. And anyone can achieve it.

But in addition to playing sports and taking care of her, the sidekick of Stéphane Plaza yet finds the time to carry out good deeds. Proof of this is with his call for help to help a farmer who needed funds a few weeks ago.

Love is in the meadow: a former suitor back with a Miss!
Love is in the meadow: a former suitor back with a Miss!

A candidate for Love is in the meadow returns with a Miss

Now let’s come to the famous candidate who will make his return. But as much to tell you right away, it will not be to charm a contender. Nope, Bruno will come in the next episode. When Agnes goes to meet her with her suitors Eric and and Christian.

The candidate of Love is in the meadow will take them to a rock evening organized at her house. The opportunity for Bruno to disembark and rather well accompanied as note our colleagues from Purepeople. As a reminder, he had tried to seduce Nathalie in the previous season.

Finally, she chose Stéphane. But that doesn’t mean that Bruno finds himself alone now, quite the contrary. Since it will surprise everyone when he disembarks with Christine.

A woman that all fans of Love is in the meadow know. Especially Bruno fans. Since he presented this one in the columns of Vosges Matin. Especially since she had been elected the most beautiful woman in her town of Liffol-le-Grand in the 1980s.

“Christine brought everything together in one woman: sensitive, gentle, adorable and beautiful, confided the one who had taken a “poop shower” on the air. We have many points in common. It’s incredible ! All that remains is to introduce him to the bike ». Rejoiced the candidate.


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