Love Hard: the new Netflix film at the heart of a big controversy!

If Love Hard has conquered many viewers, some do not understand the enthusiasm of Netflix subscribers facing this controversial film.

Released on November 5th on Netflix, Love Hard quickly won over moviegoers. Unfortunately, it seems that Hernán Jiménez’s directing is at the heart of a major controversy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

Love Hard: A Perfect Romantic Comedy For The Season

This winter, Netflix chose to put the small dishes in the big ones. Eh yes ! As in every new year, the video on demand service does not skimp on romantic comedies.

And the least we can say is that those of 2021 were eagerly awaited by fans of the genre. The 3rd part of The Princess of Chicago therefore landed on November 18.

While Love Hard has been available for a few weeks already. The start of Christmas romances is therefore given. And this, to the delight of subscribers au ARCH.

For the holidays, the platform has therefore chosen to hit very hard. And what better than a 5-star cast to attract crowds? Indeed, the film of Hernán Jiménez brings together the crème de la crème of Hollywood.

On the program, Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries), Jimmy O. Yang (Nightmare Island), Darren Barnet (My first times) or Harry Shum Jr (Crazy Rich Asian). So many talented actors who have therefore not lacked make a splash with moviegoers.

Love Hard thus tells the story of Natalie, a young woman from Los Angeles who “Crosses the country during the Christmas holidays to surprise the man she met on the internet. »

Bad luck, the latter will quickly realize that she “Got fooled. ” A thrilling plot which therefore already seems to announce a real success.

Unfortunately if Love Hard seems to have won over many viewers, others did not really appreciate this achievement. And this, for a very specific reason. MCE TV tells you more!

Hernán Jiménez’s feature film at the heart of a controversy

While the heroine of Love Hard is ready to experience thrills, she will not hesitate to go on an adventure. The goal ? Join the man of his life.

Eh yes ! The pretty brunette is fell under the spell of a handsome man on a dating site. But the latter turns out to be very different in real life.

The reason ? He lied using the photo of one of his friends. Natalie is therefore neither more nor less a victim of catfishing.

Indeed, this is a fairly widespread technique which, according to the definition refers to “A deceptive activity whereby a person creates a fictional character or a false identity on a social network, usually targeting a specific victim. »

According to some internet users, Love Hard would then make the apology for this abject practice. On social networks, subscribers therefore did not hesitate to react.

Among the comments, we can read: “I watch Love Hard and I feel that at the end of this feel good movie, the victim and his catfisher will end up together and be happy. And I’m telling you straight away, no! It’s impossible ! “

Or “Can we talk about Love Hard for a second, I haven’t seen it yet, but according to the trailer, the only acceptable ending would be for her to end with herself.” Rewarding catfishing would send a terrible message. Choosing the other man would be even worse. “

There’s no denying it, Netflix is, once again, from get slapped on the fingers !


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