Louane nominated in two categories at the NRJ Music Awards 2021!

Each year the NRJ Music Awards take place. Many stars are nominated such as Louane, Vitaa, Slimane or even Justin Bieber.

The countdown begins. In a little over a month, vou can attend the NRJ Music Awards 2021. But in the meantime, you have to vote for your favorite stars. Among them, we find the beautiful and tall Louane. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Louane has a great track record behind her

You discovered Louane in “The school of stars” on D8. For latecomers, on the other hand, you got to know him in season 2 of “The Voice”.

The latter had been unanimous with the coaches. But she had preferred to choose the musician and lyricist, Louis Bertignac, to accompany him in this crazy adventure.

The young woman had also made a very good journey. As a reminder, she had managed to go to the final. Unfortunately, the public preferred to keep Louis.

This did not, however, prevent him from continuing in the entertainment industry. As soon as he was eliminated from “The Voice”, Louane therefore agreed to play in the movie “The Aries family”. In fact, it had been a long time since the producer had noticed it.

Very quickly, and until now, Louane has juggled her life as a singer and her life as an actress. On the music side, she released no less than 3 studio albums as well as a dozen singles.

As far as cinema is concerned, she has shot in other films such as “Nos Patriotes” or “Les Affamés”. She also starred in series like “Dead Blind” and “Vision”.

But that’s not all. Louane also loves do voice dubbing. Thus, you could hear it in “The Trolls”, “Sahara”, “The Incredibles 2” as well as “Belle”. The star therefore has more than one string to his bow. MCE TV tells you more.

Louane nominated in two categories at the NRJ Music Awards 2021!
Louane nominated in two categories at the NRJ Music Awards 2021!

In which category is she nominated for the NRJ Music Awards 2021?

The NRJ Music Awards 2021 approaching, it should be noted that Louane is indeed nominated. But in which category will she compete? Well like last year.

Indeed, we find her for “the Francophone artist of the year”. But not only. Louane is also among the nominees in the “collaboration of the year” category. And this, for his feat “Derrière le brouillard” with Grand Corps Malade.

I have to say that this song worked well. To find out, just take a look at the number of views and comments on the YouTube platform.

Since February 2021, the title had 19,297,888 views. It’s not nothing ! The messages left by Internet users are also very positive. “The softness of Louane’s voice and the deep voice of Grand Corps Malade go together wonderfully. The words touch me a lot. Music feels so good when it’s good and when it’s not. Magnificent duo, well done! “, for example wrote one of them.

“These voices overwhelm me and give me an incredible thrill. You are amazing. Thank you for this song, this moment. “, launched another. As you will have understood, Louane has every chance of winning at least one title. To be continued !


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