Lost or stolen phone: how to find it?

Modern Android smartphones and iPhones all have security features that allow you to find your smartphone if it is lost or stolen. In addition to the location, it is possible to ring the device, and display a message. If you think that sensitive data contained in your device is likely to be exploited, it is even possible to erase your smartphone remotely. We explain how.

How to find a lost or stolen iPhone?

Newer iPhones all allow you to be located through the iCloud Find My service. For the service to work, however, your iPhone must be linked to an Apple / iCloud account, and location must be activated on the device. In case of loss or theft, you can find your smartphone from another device.

Find the device from another Apple device you own

Find an iPhone

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To do this :

  • Go to your iPad, iPod or Mac
  • Open the app Locate
  • Go to the tab Devices
  • Select your iPhone from the list on the left
  • Click on “i” in the popup that appears on the map

You then have access to all the options necessary to find your smartphone. You can for example play a sound, launch navigation to the device. mark it as lost, or even erase it altogether.

Find iPhone from any computer

Find iPhone iCloud

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If you don’t have access to another Apple device, it is possible to get the location of the device through your iCloud account. To do this :

  • Go to iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID
  • Go to Locate
  • Choose your lost iPhone from the drop-down list at the top center

You will then have access to the same options to find your device.

How to find a lost or stolen Android smartphone?

Locate Android smartphone

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It is possible to locate an Android smartphone in the same way as an iPhone. However, a few conditions must be observed. The device must be turned on, be linked to a Google account, be connected to the internet, have the Location and Find my device functionality active. If so, you can take the following steps:

  • Go to google.com/android/find
  • Sign in with your Google ID
  • If you have more than one smartphone, select the correct device from the list on the left
  • You can then locate the device on a map

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You also have three options: play a sound, to find the device if it is nearby, secure the device to put a code if it is not already the case, and display a message with your contact details. – or erase the device to erase all its data and protect your privacy. Note that in the latter case, the smartphone can no longer be found via Locate my device.


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