Lorie Pester (Tomorrow belongs to us) celebrates episode 1000 of the series!

Lorie Pester, who plays the tall and beautiful Lucie Salducci in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, celebrates the 1000ᵉ episode of the soap opera.

Thursday August 26, TF1 broadcast the 1000ᵉ episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. An event that Lorie Pester did not fail to celebrate on his Instagram account. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z!

Lorie Pester gives a nice nod to the series

The series “Tomorrow belongs to us” has been in existence for almost 4 years. And it’s been about 2 and a half years since Lorie Pester plays the role of Lucie Salducci, a police lieutenant at the Sète police station.

The young woman still seems to enjoy the soap opera, although her plot is over. Indeed, the latter did not hesitate for a second to share an adorable message on his Instagram account, on the occasion of the 1000ᵉ episode.

Thus, yesterday, we found a cliché grouping together Lorie Pester, Ingrid Chauvin, Solène Hébert, Clément Remiens, Maud Backer, Franck Monsigni and Joaquim Fossi.

In legend, the actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us” wrote: “This photo, we had taken during the evening of the 100ᵉ broadcast… Tonight the friends are celebrating the 1000ᵉ! Whoa! What a great adventure! I send you kisses! “.

Of course, his “Tomorrow is ours” colleagues couldn’t help but respond to his post. But the fans too! “We miss you”, “Come back to Dna. We miss you so much it’s not the same without you ! “,” I liked it better when you were there “, can we read in the space dedicated to comments.

So you will understand, this is not a one-sided love for Lorie Pester. Iconic actress is highly regarded, whether by the team or the viewers. MCE TV tells you more.

“Tomorrow belongs to us” has a brand new credits

Viewers were also able to discover the brand new credits of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, during this 1000ᵉ episode.

The song, titled His next day, is signed Vianney. The artist has recently confided in this subject. “Resilience is an idea to which I owe a lot. When my friend Matthieu Gonet [compositeur pour Demain nous appartient et Ici tout commence, ndlr] suggested that I imagine the credits for Tomorrow belongs to us… this song came to me ”, he wrote on social media.

Before adding: « I hope you’ll like her : I put a lot of myself into it ”. Fans of “Tomorrow belongs to us” were quick to share their thoughts after the 1000th episode of the series.

Sure, Vianney was able to count on his subscribers the most faithful. “Once again, you blew me away. That sound is you. She looks like you in the melody, sweet and happy ”, wrote a user on Twitter.

” I love. I find that she is going very good as a generic of Dna and that it is a great idea to have called upon you and your talent! “, wrote another.

Most not everyone liked the new credits of “Tomorrow belongs to us”. “You still have to listen several times to appreciate. Unlike the titles of the other daily series which are hits at first listen, “” I really like what you do in general Vianney. But to be honest I’m not a fan of your credits », can we also read.

And you, what do you think of this 1000ᵉ episode and its brand new credits?