Lord of the Rings series: Ian McKellen reacts to the potential presence of another Gandalf

Developed by Amazon, the Lord of the Rings series is expected to bring back well-known characters from the saga. The possibility of the presence of an old version of Gandalf in particular arouses a lot of enthusiasm. What to react Ian Mc Kellen, the interpreter of the magician in the two trilogies.


The first image in The Lord of the Rings series was greeted with wonder. In particular, we can detect the presence of two luminous trees from the region of Valinor. The latter shelters in particular the Valar who are similar to angels in the work of JRR Tolkien. During the Years of the Lamps Gandalf was none other than a Maiar, a noble servant of the Valar. He was then known as Olórin at the time. During the Third Age, he was sent to Middle-earth by the Valar to defend against Sauron by advising the peoples.

For the record, Amazon’s (very) big budget series will develop during the Second Age of Middle-earth. That is thousands of years before the events recounted in the films. But as the first image suggests, flashbacks to ancient times should also be on the agenda. What’s more, the synopsis indicates that the series will consist of a “Set of characters, as familiar as they are new”. The opportunity, perhaps, to discover another version of Gandalf alias Olórin?

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The Lord of the Rings series: the return of cult characters

If necessary, Ian McKellen, the mythical interpreter of Gandalf, should not be mobilized for the series. And for good reason, Olórin would be played by a much younger actor probably taking the form of an elf, the character often adopting the elven features to go incognito. As a reminder, Gandalf, Saruman and others only took on the appearance of old people during the Third Age, under the leadership of the Valar. This aimed to reassure the rulers of Middle-earth so that they would not interpret the arrival of wizards as a seizure of power.

In any case, McKellen reacted to this possibility, who shared an article by Screerant entitled “ How can Gandalf appear in the Amazon project (but not Ian Mc Kellen)? “. And the actor reacted on Twitter: “I think it would be the most heartbreaking headline I have ever read, if I didn’t have a paid job elsewhere”. Note that these days, the actor is notably on the boards to play the part of Hamlet in England.

Let it be said, the presence of Gandalf / Olórin in the series remains very hypothetical. So far, only the following iconic characters have been confirmed, according to TheOneRing: Sauron, Galadriel and Elrond. Here are some of the actors who joined the cast of the series The Lord of the Rings which will be released on September 2, 2022.


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