LoL: Adam reveals reasons for leaving Fnatic

After the officialization of his departure from Fnatic, the little French prince of League of Legends Adam did not mince words to explain his choice.

If you follow the LEC transfer window closely, the news should not have surprised you: the French prodigy of the top lane Adam “Adam” Maanane is leaving the blacks and oranges on the eve of the 2022 season. already this departure, assuming that the player would indeed have chosen to change structure.

Regarding its destination, everything seems to indicate a structure that will delight French fans: Team BDS. Indeed, Adam would join in particular Cinkrof and Xmatty with whom he had been able to do wonders under the colors of the KCorp.

Adam explains the tumultuous reasons for his departure

The least we can say is that the little prince will not have wasted his time. Barely an hour after making official his departure from Fnatic on November 24, the 19-year-old top laner posted a TwitLonger looking back on the tough Worlds he’s been through, and the offseason that seems to have him just as much. frustrated.

Before going into details in the explanation of his departure, Adam returns to his split “unbelievable” under the colors of Fnatic:

“First of all you have to know that my split at Fnatic was not necessarily the easiest from a sporting and extra-sporting point of view. If I hadn’t had Nisqy, Yamato, Pete, Fab, Chris, and especially my girlfriend, I don’t think I could have become the player I am today.

Overall before talking about the team, I personally consider having had an incredible split. And yet, the conditions were not necessarily the most optimal sincerely. ”

Adam leaves Fnatic
Riot Games

Named LEC’s Summer Split rookie, Adam is already on the start.

Then comes the famous Upset case. As a reminder, Fnatic had to play without its titular ADC during the Worlds, and replace it at the last minute with Bean. And if the young ADC of the academy team was not unworthy, everything suggests that it is nevertheless weakened and especially demoralized Fnatic that we have seen evolve on the Rift.

Officially, Fnatic mentioned a family emergency to explain the departure of Upset. And if the subject has caused a lot of ink to flow on social networks, Adam does not hesitate to add his two cents by giving an opinion, to say the least, decided on the situation he has experienced:

“Between us, there is absolutely nothing legit about the departure of Upset and his departure is totally unjustified (in any case as long as he has not said why he really left CAR until today, Upset is right left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I’m wrong who knows? In any case these are the last words he said to us before abandoning us a day before the Worlds. Obviously after the Worlds I asked for details, but apparently he wouldn’t have told anyone the exact reasons for leaving. There’s nothing urgent because otherwise he would have told us. And personally, the reason for private life, I have absolutely nothing to give a fuck when I worked, we all worked hard for 1 year to reach the Worlds. Knowing that even the management of Fnatic still does not know eh) ”

After explaining that the mind was at its lowest within the team after this unexpected departure, Adam nevertheless specifies that his teammates and him will have given everything to succeed in these Worlds, allowing them to finish their adventure. “Without any real regrets”.

Following the Worlds, Adam still would have had no explanation for the departure of Upset. A lack of information that seriously made him think of leaving the structure. However, it was the offseason and the transfer window that decided him to leave.

Indeed, the top laner explains that Fnatic would have tried to recruit Perkz and Alphari, replacing Nisqy and Adam:

“When I heard that FNC was trying to replace me, I honestly saw it as a betrayal, and that’s when I definitely wanted to leave this team.”

To top it all off, Adam explains that he felt particularly bad about the fact that even some players, Upset in the lead, would have asked for a change to be made on the top lane.

“Upset therefore made a hard effort to try to recruit Alphari (behind my back of course). I learn later that after the Worlds he was already trying to change the topside including Nisqy. I also learn later that the botlane in general no longer wanted to play with me and was more looking for a toplaner of the veteran type!

Obviously afterwards I will see with Upset to explain myself and he made it clear to me that I was not up to his ambitions. ”

Finally, Adam explains that he just did not want to continue to evolve in this team where he considers to have been “Treated like crap from management, and even team players”.

Fnatic CEO explains himself

Following the sulphurous TwitLonger of his former player and the many reactions from the community, the founder and CEO of Fnatic also spoke on Twitter. Through a few tweets, Sam Mathews obviously wanted to calm things down:

“Adam, you are the future of League of Legends.

I think you are an amazing person inside and outside the game, and I am very excited about your progress as a player. I understand your frustrations, it’s not all clear to you, but it can happen that sport is like that.

I’m sad to see you go, and to see your frustrations.

I clearly made a mistake as CEO if one of the players I respect the most felt this way. We’re going to work hard to improve on this and see what we could have done differently. ”

Upset returns to the case

Finally, it is none other than Upset, the ADC of Fnatic targeted by many of Adam’s remarks, who spoke. In a TwitLonger published a few hours after Adam’s statement, he returns in particular to his decision to return to his family on the eve of the Worlds without explaining the situation precisely to his teammates.

“There’s a reason I don’t want to share personal information with the public, especially about the people I’m closest to and love. Sharing information with people on the team who I don’t have a deep trust in and who may just turn on me and divulge my privacy to people who want to hurt my family and me is something I don’t. never want to do. ”

L'ADC de Fnatic Upset
Riot Games

After finally landing a spot at the Worlds, nothing went as planned for Upset

Thus, Upset explains that he only revealed the details of his situation to the team’s coach, YamatoCannon. Another person, Hylissang, could have known about it but would not according to Upset, the support player would not have wanted to know the details, having confidence in the importance of the departure of his teammate.

Obviously, the German ADC returned to Adam’s words, not hiding his disappointment at the accusations that he considers totally false:

“I am honestly shocked that he is spreading so much hatred against my wife because of her personal frustration, without knowing anything. To say the last thing I said to the team is that I have to go because my wife just isn’t feeling well is just a lie. ”

Finally, Upset also returned to the offseason, and the role it would have had in the changes made by Fnatic:

“Alphari asked to speak to me after starting her discussion with Fnatic because we have been teammates and friends. This is obviously something quite natural for any player looking to join a structure. The management of Fnatic makes the decisions to sign the players and I was simply asked my opinion on someone, and to discuss with that person.

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that I want to be surrounded by players who will make the best team in my opinion. I’ve been as transparent as possible with my teammates this offseason. ”

It is therefore on a note of frustration that this Season ends for Fnatic and this departure of Adam. On the Internet side, it is in particular the management of Fnatic which is singled out for having failed to keep its players united during this period of difficult Worlds.

Hopefully, Adam, Upset and their respective teams manage to leave this clash behind to focus on the LEC Spring Split 2021 which kicks off on January 14th.


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