Loki: the first reviews of the new Marvel series are rave

After Falcon and the Winter Soldier, series Loki will air on June 9, 2021 on Disney +, with six 60-minute long episodes. This weekend, a handful of journalists from the specialized press have already had the opportunity to get their hands on it. That the fans are reassured: the first reviews are rave.

Loki Disney+ series
Loki Disney+ series

The Disney + streaming platform welcomes a new Marvel series this June, the series Loki. It follows on from two other recently released Marvel series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision. Series Loki will be distributed in small amounts on Mickey’s platform: the first episode of the series will appear on June 9, 2021, then, it will then be necessary to wait each Wednesday to discover the continuation.

The first reviews on the Loki series are rave

Six 60-minute long episodes are planned for this first act. Which will obviously not be the last since a second season of Loki is already planned. On the other hand, the journalists of the specialized press have already had access to the viewing of the first two episodes. All have already given their opinion on the series on social networks. So what did they think?

Brandon Davis of ComicBook.com said that Tom Hiddleston is ” just too good in the role “And that the series contains” awesome details for MCU fans “. Fandango’s Erik Davis loved the first two episodes, proclaiming that they ” lay the foundation for the MCU multiverse “. Steven Weintraub, editor-in-chief of Collider, said Tom Hiddleston was ” perfect And that he liked the way the MCU ” expands in a new direction ».

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Senior Collider reporter Christina Radish loved the “ sarcastic bromance between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson ». POC Culture compares Loki at Manhunter and Men in Black, but also said that ” The first episode is solid, but the second is REALLY good! “. Discussing Film editor-in-chief Diego Andaluz praised the show for its charismatic performances, writing, visuals and directing, calling it ” most ambitious project to date »From Marvel Studios.

In short, you will understand, the series Loki seems to keep its promises. As a reminder, it will be available from Wednesday June 9 on Disney +.

“Loki is my all-time favorite Marvel series, Tom Hiddleston is just too good at this role. He is fantastic. It’s full of details about the MCU. I really like this start of the series. There is potential! »

« I’ve seen the first two episodes and LOVE it so far. It’s a series that travels through time and sets the stage for the MCU’s multiverse, all the while talking about identity and weird truths about ourselves. The bromance between Tom and Owen is awesome »

« The first two episodes are fantastic. Tom is perfect in his role of course, but I especially love how the series sends the MCU in a new direction. It’s good to see Loki trying to figure out what’s going on rather than seeing him in control »

« The series is mind-blowing. Marvel continues to change things. I’ve never seen anything like it. A focus on the god of mischief which gives us an excellent overview of who he is, his fears, insecurities and his glorious purpose. Ah and Owen Wilson is abused »

« I saw the first two episodes and it was funny, weird and disturbed, as I expected from the god of mischief! I love the bormance with Tom and Owen. We want more »

« I saw the first two episodes! We’ve never seen Loki like this. Tom is magnetic. It’s just perfect in series »

« WOW! Loki is just the BEST series in the MCU. With an incredibly charismatic performance by Tom, a well-written screenplay, well-done visuals, leadership at the top, the most ambitious Marvel project in a long time! MUST SEE! »


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