Loki: episode 3 of the series features the MCU’s very first bisexual character

SPOILERS. While we are currently in the middle of Pride Month and the LGBT + Pride March will take place on June 26, 2021 in Paris, the last episode of the Loki series on Disney + features the very first bisexual character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. .

Loki in the eponymous series on Disney +

Every year during the month of June, the world dresses up in a rainbow and celebrates Pride Month. This is the celebration of LGBTQ + communities but also an excellent opportunity to recall that the fight for equality is still far from being won. Whether it’s intended or not in terms of timing, Marvel has just revealed the MCU’s very first canonical bisexual character in the Loki series currently airing on Disney +. Guess who it is?

Loki stars MCU’s first bisexual character

Watch out, SPOILERS. If you follow the excellent series Loki on Disney + – which will have been covered with rave reviews by the specialized press – you probably noticed something during the last episode published on June 23, 2021. Indeed, our favorite God of Malice gives us a rare and short window on her love life by evoking her sexual orientation.

A short passage which confirms the fact that Loki is the very first bisexual character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indeed, in the third episode of the series released on Wednesday, Loki and Lady Loki are trapped on Lamentis 1 after having escaped the Time Variance Authority (TVA). To escape, they must climb into the Ark.

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Lady Loki takes the opportunity to question Loki about his romances when he lived in Asgard. She then asks him if his conquests are ” princesses in the making “. Before the God of Malice answers him that it will be ” maybe from another prince “. Thus and without going any further, Loki claims that he is attracted to both sexes, confirming that the character played by Tom Hiddleston is bisexual.

On social networks, fans salute diversity that Marvel Studios wants to represent, especially after the recent events of the Munich stadium. Recall that the production company recently introduced Aaron Fischer, the new Captain America defender of LGBT + rights.



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