Loki: but who is the female variant of the god of mischief that appeared in episode 2?

[BOUCLIER ANTI-SPOILERS] If you watched the second episode of Loki, you must have noticed that another version of Loki was present in the series. A female variant played by Sophia Di Martino. Focus on this enigmatic character.

Loki Disney+ series
Loki Disney+ series

Disney + has started broadcasting the Loki series which gives pride of place to the god of mischief. In the second episode, which has just been released, a new character has appeared. And not the least since it is a female Loki! A real variant camped by the actress Sophia Di Martino. For the record, the supervillain was commissioned by Mobius. He must find a variant that attacks the VAT Timers. “The variant we are tracking is you”, Mobius tells him in particular.

In episode 2, they go in search of this variant which sows desolation in several periods of history. After realizing that the antagonist was raging in 2050 during a hurricane that destroyed a city in Alabama, he finds himself face to face with Lady Loki. A bitter struggle begins. Then the female variant disappears in a portal after throwing: “ It is none of your business “. Loki then enters the portal. The Timers and Mobius arrive too late to follow them.

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Lady Loki, main antagonist of the series?

But where does this character come from, glimpsed for the moment in a fleeting way? In the comics, Lady Loki is no variant. This is indeed the real Loki appeared in the form of a woman. Which is not surprising when you know that the god of mischief excels in the art of metamorphosis. Additionally, Loki is portrayed as non-binary, both in mythology and in the comics. Moreover, his non-binarity (the fact that he identifies neither as a man nor as a woman) had been revealed in a teaser of the series.

It remains to be seen if Lady Loki, from an alternative reality, intends to partner with the Loki, ally of the VAT. In addition, there may be other variants of Thor’s half-brother to emerge. We should obviously be clear in the next episodes of Loki, a series already acclaimed by critics.


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