Loki: according to the producer of Dr Who, Marvel totally missed the bisexuality of the hero

Be careful, spoilers. Russel T Davies, the producer of the Doctor Who, Queer as Folk, Bob and Rose and Torchwood series, didn’t like the Loki series at all. According to him, Marvel absolutely did not know how to properly evoke the bisexuality of the hero, played by Tom Hiddelston.

Loki Bar Lamentis-1
Loki shows off his bisexuality in this scene © Marvel

Marvel Studios is opening more and more to the representation of diversity and that obviously does not please everyone. Some are even outright upset against the studio, like Russel T Davies (Stephen Russell Davies), a real heavyweight in the film industry responsible for the production of more than fifty series, including Years & Years or Doctor Who (from 2005 to 2010). According to him, the bisexual aspect of Loki, put forward in one of the episodes, is totally pathetic.

“A ridiculous, cowardly and weak gesture”, according to Russel T Davies

Remember: in one of the episodes of the Loki series on Disney +, the God of Mischief gives us a rare window into his sexual orientation at the turn of a long conversation with Sylvie.

Stuck on Lamentis-1 before the planet explodes, Sylvie questions Loki about his romances: she asks him if his former conquests are princesses in the making, before the God of Malice answers her that they might be princes.

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With this short stint, the director and director of the series, Kate Herron, hoped simply being able to develop Loki’s sexual orientation, the very first bisexual character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A decision that will not have pleased everyone and in particular Russel T Davies, who expressed his discontent during a speech at the University of Swansea, in the United Kingdom.

I think huge alarm bells are ringing as giants rise like Netflix and Disney + in particular. It is a very big concern. Loki once referred to bisexuality and everyone was like, ‘oh my god, this is a pansexual series!’ But it’s just a word! Loki says the word ‘prince’ and we’re all supposed to say, ‘thank you, Disney! You are wonderful !’ It is pathetic. It is a ridiculous, cowardly and weak gesture towards vital political issues and stories that should be told.

In other words, the showrunner judges insufficient Marvel’s treatment of the hero’s bisexuality. According to him, a single word is not enough. Yet for Kate Herron it was ” of a huge paving stone in the pond », History, finally, to start to change mentalities in the right direction. Before the return of the second season, the release date of which remains unknown.



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