Locations Of All Flux Constructs In Tears Of The Kingdom

Locations Of All Flux Constructs In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of different bosses and enemies that you can only find if you look around Hyrule thoroughly.

Most of them were in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the game that came before this one, but there are a few new types of enemies in this one.

A Flux Construct is a tall building within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Like the Guardians in Breath of the Wild, it has a laser gun.

The thing that makes it different is that when it gets close, it changes into different shapes, which, to be honest, scares me. Here are all the places within Tears of the Kingdom where you can find Flux Constructs.

The Flux Construct is one of them, and it is easily one of the most impressive and fun bosses in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Flux Constructs are old Zonai-powered structures that became twisted when the Demon King was set free. They are similar to the Zonai Constructs that you can find on the Great Sky Island.

If you want to know where all the Flux Constructs are, I’ve already done a little of the legwork for you. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here is everything you require to know about Flux Constructs.

What Do Flux Constructs Mean?

Flux Constructs are huge Zonai Constructs that were left behind to protect Hyrule’s Sky Islands. Like the other aggressive Constructs, their job is to keep out strangers, so they’ll attack Link as soon as they see him.

Link must hit the bright blocks inside each Flux Construct in order to beat it. Sometimes, especially when fighting Flux Construct I, this means using Ultrahand and other skills. When Link beats them, they drop things he can use on his trip, like Flux Construct Cores.

Every Flux Construct Location:

  • Flux Construct I: Great Sky Island—map coordinates 0491, -1514, 1440.
  • Flux Construct II: Lanayru Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 3002, -0254, 0892.
  • Flux Construct II: Wellspring Island—map coordinates 3387, 0630, 1290.
  • Flux Construct II: Sokkala Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 3670, 1800, 0986.
  • Flux Construct III: North Akkala Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 3298, 3430, 0794.
  • Flux Construct I: North Hyrule Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 0440, 2467, 1660.
  • Flux Construct I: Rising Island Chain—map coordinates -3470, 3519, 0928.
  • Flux Construct I: West Hebra Sky Archipelago—map coordinates -3833, 2720, 0543.
  • Flux Construct II: Tabantha Sky Archipelago—map coordinates -3450, 0655, 1433.
  • Flux Construct III: West Hyrule Sky Archipelago—map coordinates -2290, -0411, 0890.
  • Flux Construct II: South Hyrule Sky Archipelago—map coordinates -1343, -1546, 0800.
  • Flux Construct III: Faron Sky Archipelago—map coordinates -0326, -2590, 0892.
  • Flux Construct III: Thunderhead Isles—map coordinates 1132, -3272, 0755.
  • Flux Construct III: South Necluda Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 2558, -3601, 0892.
  • Flux Construct III: Necluda Sky Archipelago—map coordinates 3043, -2776, 1200.
  • Flux Construct III: South of Abandoned Lurelin Mine—map coordinates 3263, -3702, -0444.
  • Flux Construct I: South of Kohsustu Lightroot—map coordinates 0101, -3713, -0450.
  • Flux Construct III: South Lomei Depths Labyrinth—map coordinates -1795, -3462, -0519.
  • Flux Construct II: West of Abandoned Gerudo Mine—map coordinates -4146, -2960, -0480.
  • Flux Construct III: Southeast of Mustuto Lightroot—map coordinates -4086, -0952, -1108.
  • Flux Construct I: South of Muzasu Lightroot—map coordinates -2137, -0873, -0560.
  • Flux Construct I: Northeast of Stakijat Lightroot—map coordinates 0342, -1007, -0486.
  • Flux Construct II: East of Abandoned Kakariko Mine—map coordinates 2511, -1270, -0640.
  • Flux Construct II: Northwest of Migo-o Lightroot—map coordinates 2755, -1087, -0567.
  • Flux Construct II: North of Usukaz Lightroot—map coordinates 3527, -1340, -0600.
  • Flux Construct II: North of Abandoned Lanayru Mine—map coordinates 3197, 1018, -0839.
  • Flux Construct III: Southeast of Zi-ner Lightroot—map coordinates 0756, 0820, -0550.
  • Flux Construct II: Southwest of Netamnet Lightroot—map coordinates -0594, 1550, -0617.
  • Flux Construct III: East of Abandoned Hebra Mine—map coordinates -2620, 1700, -0681.
  • Flux Construct III: Northwest of So-oaw Lightroot—map coordinates -4057, 1986, -0692.
  • Flux Construct III: North Lomei Depths Labyrinth—map coordinates -0815, 3530, -0678.
  • Flux Construct II: Northwest of Katenim Lightroot—map coordinates 0224, 3672, -0507.
  • Flux Construct II: West of Akkala House of Bones—map coordinates 2680, 3470, -0670.
  • Flux Construct II: North of Wellspring of Power—map coordinates 3700, 2900, -0467.
  • Flux Construct III: Lomei Depths Labyrinth—map coordinates 4655, 3697, -0443.

How To Use Flux Construct:

Flux Construct Cores have powerful tools that Link may employ to make weapons even stronger by fusing them together. Flux Construct Core I, the initial one we found, made a simple stick do 14 points of damage.

Each Flux Construct produces a different kind of Core, and combining that Core will result in different results. But Link should gather them and keep them for when he faces a strong enemy like a Gleeok.


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