Live-action Gears of War movie and animated series at Netflix

It’s going to be expensive in bodybuilded actors

adaptation projects la franchise Gears of War on the big screen, it does not date from yesterday. Only here it is, it will finally happen on the little one: Netflix announces a partnership with The Coalitionwith the aim of producing a film adapted from the universe famous games affiliated with the Xbox brand. It is also question from an animated series aimed at an adult audience.

The date of the announcement was not chosen at random, since it is 16th anniversary of the first title released on Xbox 360. Yes, it does not make us younger, and if the series sometimes takes the form of a parody of itself (just caught up with a very good last episode and an amazing Tactics episode), Gears of War rest a mainstay of the Xbox stable and one of the outstanding franchises of the video game industry in general.

Many fans were rocked to the sound of the Lanzors who cut locusts in two, and try to transcribe the Gears universe in a more passive format isn’t necessarily a bad idea…despite a scenario that could fit on a postage stamp. And seen the successes previous adaptations from video games on the SVOD platform, the choice is anything but bad.

There is no point drawing plans on the comet however, since Netflix has not yet announced production boxes who are responsible for the projects in question. We’re not even sure that the synopses will tell the story of Marcus Fenix. But if that’s the case, actor Dave Bautista said in 2018 that playing the leader of Delta squad would be “a dream role”. After all, he has the build for, and even famed franchise creator, Cliff Bleszinski, agree with that.


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