Lifting of the curfew and end of wearing a mask outdoors

This is information that will undoubtedly delight the French. Jean Castex has just announced a relaxation of barrier measures. In this case, the wearing of the mask outside and the curfew will soon be a thing of the past. We take stock.

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Temperatures are increasingly hot in France. So much so that wearing a mask outdoors annoys the French to the point. Especially since the usefulness of such a measure is debated, many scientists claiming that transmissions of Covid-19 in the open were very rare. In addition, residents urge the government to lift the curfew since the health situation is improving significantly.

Good news, Jean Castex has just held a press conference where he announced a relaxation of these measures. Accompanied by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, the Prime Minister welcomed the improvement in the health situation. In this case, the number of patients in intensive care fell below 2000, a first since October. Contaminations also continue to fall, while the French are now more than 30 million to have received at least their first dose of anti-Covid vaccine.

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End of the curfew and the wearing of a mask outside: a sign of the good evolution of the health situation

Faced with these very encouraging figures, Jean Castex announced two notable easing measures. The curfew will therefore be lifted from Sunday, June 20, whereas it was supposed to last until June 30. This will allow our fellow citizens in particular to enjoy the Euro and the Music Festival as they should. Especially since from Thursday, June 17, it will no longer be compulsory to wear a mask when you are outside. Note, however, that the mask will remain the norm in densely populated places (gatherings, markets, concerts, sporting events).

Moreover, the rules in force in restaurants and bars will remain the same until June 30. The Prime Minister, on the other hand, indicated that it was possible that new measures would be adopted later in the event that the Indian variant spreads throughout the country. Mistrust, therefore.


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