Lidl unveils the ideal accessory at a low price for the awakening of babies!

Lidl surprises once again and releases an accessory that will be very popular. A play mat for babies at a very attractive price!

The German brand Lidl has just released a novelty that should appeal to customers who do not only buy food from the brand. A play mat for babies at an unbeatable price!

An increasingly rich catalog

And yes, Lidl is much more than a specialist food at a low price ! Already very popular for its wide choice of food products, sometimes even organic and often from major brands, Lidl does not have just one specialty.

For good reason, the German brand indeed offers a wide choice of foods but in its catalog, there are also care products, washes and even make-up sometimes. Various items for shopping in one place on a low budget!

However, in addition to being a hit in this sector, Lidl also offers household appliances products that defy the competition. The Silvercrest range by Lidl has a range of electronic products of all kinds and… guaranteed for 3 years!

A response to small budgets and a promise of quality. Not to mention particularly elaborate designs and aesthetic items. These include an adorable retro coffee maker and a gratinator grill, both at tiny prices.

But Lidl doesn’t stop there and also offers a selection of furniture. And there are many rooms in the house. We find the multifunctional desk among others which overshadowed specialists in the sector like Ikea.

So in which sector can Lidl still surprise and please? Well maybe in the awakening of toddlers. Indeed, the German brand has just offered an awakening mat. MCE TV tells you more!

Lidl offers a play mat for babies

On Lidl France’s Instagram account, a promotion for a play mat for baby has just pointed the tip of his nose. And that’s a nice surprise!

This carpet indeed ticks all the boxes to be successful with young parents. Soft colors and a few suspensions to invite toddlers to wake up.

Another good news: the Lidl activity mat is guaranteed for 3 years! Which, in general, encourages all the more clients to invest and invites confidence.

Regarding the price, the play mat is only € 21.99! And according to the publication of Lidl France, two choices of models exist. Something to adapt to the tastes of parents and children!

In pastel shades, the rugs represent for one an elephant, for the other a trio of jungle animals. Gray, pink, yellow … in short, it is ideal for all children’s rooms !

Lidl play mats also feature “different play activities” and “hanging colorful stuffed animals”. Sound effects are also included in the carpets!

Available tomorrow in all stores, this new awakening mat should therefore stimulate curiosity children. And therefore to make all parents happy!


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