Lidl unveils a new ultra simple and efficient heating system!

The Lidl brand unveils its brand new simple and very efficient heating system that will be perfect for this winter! We tell you everything.

This winter with Lidl, you will never be cold again! The brand unveils its new heater simple, efficient and always inexpensive. MCE TV gives you more details.

A warm winter with Lidl

Winter is fast approaching. And the very cool temperatures are already showing up. This year again, we will have to plan everything to counter the cold.

Moreover, some brands like Lidl have understood this well. On the shelves of the retail giant, some articles remind us that the winter season is not far away.

Thus, the German giant has updated its catalog to meet the needs of its customers. Moreover, one of the flagship products of this season is heating. Without too much surprise.

Lidl has therefore unveiled its radiator which seems perfect to spend this season which promises to be very cold. This is a ceramic heater manufactured by the SilverCrest brand. Besides, it can also serve you in the summer since it also has a fan option! Eh yes.

It is not going to you cool as well as an air conditioner, but it’s already not bad. In addition, it does not require any complicated installation.

As always Lidl respects the small budget of its customers. This SilverCrest radiator is therefore available for sale for the price of 39.99 euros only!

Attention, if you want to treat yourself to this radiator, note that it is not available in store. Indeed, you have to go through the Lidl site to order it. The shipping costs of the product will then cost you 3.99 euros. Just that.

Lidl unveils a new ultra simple and efficient heating system!
Lidl unveils a new ultra simple and efficient heating system!

Simple and efficient

Lidl’s new radiator will therefore be your best friend for this winter. This device is already ranked among the flagship products of this season of the brand’s catalog.

He therefore risks being a victim of his own success! So if you want to treat yourself to it, we advise you not to hang around too much.

Lidl’s radiator has two power levels. 1000 or 2000 W. It heats up very quickly thanks to its PTC resistance, Positive Temperature Coefficient.

These resistors are more efficient than conventional resistances. Eh yes. Moreover, they heat the air much faster, says the manufacturer.

As for the dimensions of the Lidl heater, they are rather compact. Indeed, this device measures 56.5 cm x 19 cm x 12 cm and weighs 2.4 kg. It is from elsewhere designed to be hung on the wall. Hence its fairly light weight!

In addition to heating you this winter, the Lidl radiator can also be used in the summer. Indeed, it has a function fan to cool you down a bit.

In both cases, it has a connectable oscillation function which allows the air to be better distributed. In any case, one thing is certain, this winter with Lidl, you will be well equipped to counter the cold.

In addition to heating your home well, there are also many tips to avoid feeling the cold. Like wearing warm clothes, covering the extremities of your body well or drink good hot drinks! Now we think you are ready for winter.


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