Lidl hits hard with its new children’s storage boxes!

Lidl discount supermarkets have just released great kid-friendly storage boxes at low prices.

Every week, Lidl offers us its share of surprises. In addition to offer many promotions, the firm also unveils some perfect products to furnish your home. And this week, kids’ storage boxes are all the rage.

A brand that is launching into decoration

If you have no longer set foot in discount stores you wonder if you haven’t missed an episode. In fact, the German firm primarily focuses on food. By offering products at low prices.

However, for some time now, Lidl seems to want to get into decorating. Proof of this is with the storage boxes that we mentioned above, but not only. Because yes, other objects were put up for sale by the company a few days ago.

What to shade Ikea and all the other furniture giants. For example, the brand has put on sale an ultra-design coffee table at a price that defeats all competition. And as often with its decorative products, the object comes from the brand Foundry Home.

Count € 29.99 to hope to acquire it and give an ultra-luxurious side to your living room. If the table in question catches your eye, you can visit the brand’s physical stores. And hope to get your hands on it.

If, however, in the event that laziness invades you and you prefer to order it on the Internet, it remains quite possible. Indeed, you just need to add a few euros more for the shipping costs.

You are going have to count additional 3.99 to have the item sold by Lidl. But if you clicked on this article, it remains mainly to learn more about the famous storage boxes for children. It’s a little lower than it is.

Lidl hits hard with its new children's storage boxes!
Lidl hits hard with its new children’s storage boxes!

Lidl storage boxes

We are talking about children but the boxes in question can be suitable for everyone. Just know that they are in bright colors and that these therefore correspond a little more to young people than to adults. But the tastes and colors vary according to the desires.

You might as well end the suspense right away and talk to you about the most important issue. Namely, the price of this new product Lidl. For only 22.99 euros, you can get your hands on it. A very reasonable price these days.

This shelf was designed primarily for tidying up and storing toys. Because these are the objects that our children most often leave lying around when they are still very young. No one can escape it.

The colors of each drawer allow them to place a specific object in each drawer. As a result, you will be able to teach your toddlers to store yellow objects in the yellow drawer and so on. Each box has a good space and is made of a light and flexible material.

The shelf remains very stable according to Lidl. Thanks to this, she would therefore not be a danger to our child. So you can leave her in her room without really worrying. In addition, it has a durable fabric cover for much longer use.


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