LG G7 UK Price, Release Date and Rumored Specs: No Delay in the Launch of Device

LG G7, which was rumored to be late because of rework being ordered on it, is actually not delayed. That’s what LG is saying, at least. Company’s spokesperson recently spoke to Android Central about it and said that rumors of delayed LG G7 launch are untrue and the launch is on schedule. So now when it’s on schedule, what will it be like and when will it be revealed? Well, we’re more confused than ever about all these things. But still, we’ll try to draw some conclusions based on recent information in this article. Let’s begin:

LG G7 UK Price

Flagship smartphones are becoming dearer and dearer with every new launch. And since G7 is going to be a do-or-die kind of product for LG’s mobile business, the company will try to make it as good as possible. In such a situation, if this device comes with some truly remarkable and distinguishing features it will certainly cost more than any other flagship out in the market. So expect it to be costlier than £700 at least. Rest we’ll be able to determine after some more leaks come out about this device.

LG G7 UK Release Date

The release date of LG G7 is in UK a very unconfirmed affair as of now. Earlier it was expected at CES, then at MWC, and now it’s not coming at MWC even in UK. We had earlier heard that the launch of the device has been delayed as company’s Vice Chairman has ordered the product development team to start from scratch, but then LG came out with the statement mentioned above (that there’s no delay and the device will be launched in time).

Now, we don’t know when that time will come, but it’s not coming before next month at least. And even in March expect it to debut in the last week. Nothing is gonna happen before that.

Rumored Specs

The specs of the device are also the topics of debate at this point, largely because according to rumor mill a rework was ordered on the device. However, a few things are clear – the device will come with Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB RAM at least. Remaining things can be very different from other devices being launched these days, so I should probably stay away from saying anything about them. But we’ll certainly let you know about them as they come out through some other leaks or official sources, so keep visiting us.


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