LG G6+ launched with Increased RAM, storage and other Improvements

LG G6+ launched with Increased RAM, storage and other Improvements
LG G6+ launched with Increased RAM, storage and other Improvements

It was a little unexpected. While world is eagerly waiting for LG G7, the successor to company’s G6 smartphone, South Korean giant today surprised everyone by launching a “Plus” version of G6 instead.

That’s right – LG has just launched G6+, a new variant of its flagship G6 smartphone that was launched a few months ago in February at Mobile World Congress. And while there’re not too many differences in both of them, the differences exist in right places. Let’s dig deeper to understand this.

First of all let’s talk about similarities. G6+ is not radically different from its sibling. It has got same design, same dimensions, same screen size of 5.7-inch with QHD resolution and same Snapdragon 821 chipset. 13MP primary camera with dual-lens setup, 5MP secondary camera and 3,300 mAh battery have also been kept intact.

However, there’re some differences too:

  • More RAM. There’s 6GB of RAM in G6+ compared to 4GB of G6.
  • More internal storage. 128GB vs. 64GB.

Besides that G6+ is also loaded with wireless charging feature. It’s also a super powerful device for music lovers as it has got 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC feature and comes with a pair of B&O Play earphones, so you can enjoy your favorite songs to their best.

LG has also added some great software stuff to G6+. For example, it’ll come with a Face Print app that’s capable of providing more superior and accurate facial recognition than the one that’s available on G6.

The device also has a low power consumption mode and ‘covered lens warning’ feature for camera. An OTA update for G6 will also be released soon, though nothing concrete is known about it yet.

Finally, the device will be launched in 3 different color options: Optical Terra Gold, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Astro Black. G6 will also get two more colors, namely blue and golden. G6+ will be available in South Korea from next month, but nothing is known about global availability as of now.


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