Les Apprentis Aventuriers: the 10 duos of the new season revealed!

Good news, Les Apprentis Aventuriers are back! In this article, we reveal the 10 duos of the 2023 season!

Soon, viewers will discover the new season of Les Apprentis Aventuriers. MCe TV therefore reveals the 10 duets of the next season on W9!

Les Apprentis Aventuriers: soon to be back on W9

Like every year, reality TV fans are waiting for the great return of Apprentis Aventuriers. A show rich in adventures. Here, it’s not the clashes that take over.

But rather adventure games… But also and above all the determination of the candidates. We remember, for example, the mental strength of Julien Bert, when he had made the adventure with Milla.

We also remember the couple Jessica Thivenin-Thibault Garcia… They had shown flaws, as much in their relationship as on the tests. Indeed, the pretty blonde blamed her deari not to be good .

This year, the new season of the Apprentis Aventuriers will therefore begin on February 13 nextn, at 6:50 p.m. We will thus find 20 candidates who will be in pairs. That’s ten in total! Rather not bad!

Like last year, it’s Laurent Maistret, the former from Koh-Lanta who will present the shownot. And thus dictate the tests to the candidates.

But then the question arises, what will be the 20 of reality TV in this new season of Apprentis Aventuriers? We tell you everything!

Candidates more determined than ever

The casting of Apprentis Aventuriers is already done. So next February 13, you will discover Nicolo and Victoria, a duo who can’t see each other due to infidelity. The two are at war on the networks.

So we can’t wait to see them on the desert island! There will also be Hilona, ​​former winner of the show, with her darling Paul-André. That promises to be quite funny, isn’t it! Because fans have never seen her as a couple on TV since Julien Bert.

But that’s not all ! In Les Apprentis Aventuriers, we will also find Antonin and his beautiful Barbara and Fabrice and Jennyfer. Then Anthony and Romane who have also just separated… Let’s not forget not the old Amélie Neten and Romain.

Let’s also add Maxime and Valeria and Charlotte Mint and her brother Stéfan. Candidates you saw in Les Cinquante. Of course, what would an adventure be withoutincredible Jessica Errero and her darling Fanny?

We can’t wait to see the pretty brunette fight on the tests. Because we know, she is a formidable candidate! She won’t give presents! In this list of candidates from Apprentices, there are also Aya and Nicolas.

Only pairs that promise to make you have a good time in front of your screen! In Apprentice Adventurers, there will be a new rule. So that’s what explained Florence Fayard, the producer.

« They didn’t know there were two beaches. When they believe they are at the gates of the final… They end up discovering that others have experienced the same adventure on their side. Nature is even more hostile here”

This is what makes your mouth water! Only a matter of days before discovering the first episodes!


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