Les Apprentis Aventuriers: Nicolo makes revelations about cheating!

Since the beginning of Les Apprentis Aventuriers, rumors of cheating have agitated the Web. Nicolo therefore decides to speak on this subject.

Apprentice Adventurers face extreme survival conditions. Thereby, the production is not immune to some cheating. Faced with numerous rumours, Nicolo decided to react. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Cheating in Apprentis Aventuriers?

Since the Apprentis Aventuriers took up residence on the island, they find themselves deprived of any form of comfort. Hunger, lack of hygiene or fatigue, the latter really do not seem spared. Enough to push the candidates to their limits, therefore…

Indeed, survival conditions seem extreme for Apprentice Adventurers. The most motivated therefore redouble their efforts to find solutions to better live the adventure. This is the case, for example, of Kelegh who managed to catch a fish. Besides, he didn’t want to share it.

Faced with the many difficulties, the candidates find themselves face to face with themselves. Some show themselves ready to do anything to achieve the slightest comfort. Thus, Virginie did not hesitate to steal washing up liquid during a medical visit. She then wanted to redo a little beauty. The young woman therefore explained this anecdote by saying that the flight was super tempting in the game.

If Virginie has decided to assume her stupidity in the Apprentis Aventuriers, Internet users point the finger at other candidates. Moreover, Paga seems to be the center of all eyes. Faced with these rumours, Nicolo takes the floor and make things clear about the blue candidate. MCE TV tells you more!

Nicolo reacts to the departure of Paga

It’s no longer a secret that Paga and Giuseppa have decided to leave the Apprentis Aventuriers. Indeed, the young man injured his foot and the couple preferred to bow out. It must be said that Paga even had trouble walking. The final therefore seemed impossible for him… Ouch!

This abandonment does not seem to the taste of Internet users who did not hesitate to let it be known. In the face of numerous criticisms, Nicolo, yellow team candidate decided to defend his colleague Apprentice Adventurers.

Indeed, the latter declared on his Insta account: “I even read that Paga had pretended to be hurt because Giuseppa wanted to leave the set (…) There were 3 days of shooting left. Who leaves a competition with an excuse 3 days from the end, after struggling for 3 weeks? »

But that’s not all. Indeed, the ex-darling of Virginia also returned to cheating in general in the game. And for good reason, Internet users claim that the production feeds the candidates. Very upset, Nicolo wanted to make things clear.

Thus, the Apprentis Aventuriers candidate declared: “People who say that in Les Apprentis the production gives us food, that’s wrong. I’m tired of reading this on the internet. » So be very clear!

One thing is certain, the Apprentis Aventuriers have not finished talking about them. But who will win this season? Fans just have to be ready. To be continued.


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