Legends of Runeterra (LOR): Patch 1.14 Breakdown – All You Need To Know

Recently, Riot did manage to unveil what is in the store for the next Legends of Runeterra (LOR) patch and what the players are going to get after the release of patch 1.14.

As you all know, patch 1.14 is almost upon us and it will definitely be going to bring some of the biggest balance changes that all of you may have seen to date.

There is a huge number of players who have been eagerly waiting for the release of the new update of the Legends of Runeterra game.

But most players among them are very curious to know about the changes that they are going to witness in the new update patch of the game.

That is why we are going to provide you all the essential information about the changes in patch 1.14 for the Legends of Runeterra game. Let us begin it. 

Card Changes

Here, we are going to mention some of the changes that you will find in the Legends of Runeterra game patch 1.14.

You must know that there will several card changes which will be beneficial for the players who are going to play the new game update patch.

If you want to know about the card changes in the Legends of Runeterra game then you will just have to read this article to the end. The card changes that you are going to find in the game are as follows.

Lucian (Level 2)

It will be possible for all the players to find Lucian’s leveled up effect. Although it is small but undoubtedly, an impactful buff.

You must know that Lucian can now be able to trigger the same round as leveling up. Also, if you are going to combine it with some buffs that we are going to mention further in the article then it may be possible to bring back Demacia Shadow Isles decks.

You must know that it is not doing quite well for some time now in the Legends of Runeterra game. 


You will be happy to know that the power of Shyvana goes from 3 to 4. That will indeed mean that Shyvana is going to be more powerful and stronger.

It will help her level up faster while ensuring to make her scarier on the curve. The players will be able to make Shyvana level up quicker than ever before.


It will be a little disappointing for you to know that Vladimir happens to get a reduction in the level up requirements. But you need to believe that it will not have much impact on leveling up the card.

All the players will be able to fulfill Vladimir’s level up requirements easily as it is not too hard to accomplish. The only thing that you will find a big enough deal is the damaging allies to his right.

It is sure that the players will be able to choose which allies get the damage which will ensure that you do not get to kill or damage allies that can not be able to survive from it. 


You all will get a little surprised to know that Trundle will be getting the health decreased by 1 point. There are so many players who did believe that Trundle is an incredibly difficult champion to defeat.

That is why Trundle gets a health decrease of 1 point to even out the battleground. Also, you need to keep in mind that Ice Pillar is getting a health reduction just the same as Trundler.


After getting killed off by the previous nerf, it will be a straight rework to Ezreal. It will be now a lot easier to level up the Ezreal for all the players in the Legends of Runeterra game.

But you must know that the level 2 form of Ezreal did lose all the burst potential just like the card has before the update. Ezreal will only be able to deal with the damage of 1 to the enemy nexus instead of 2.

It may not look like much but it makes a big difference. That is why most players are interested to know how Ezreal will play as you now know that the gameplay will not be the same as before for the card.

Jinx (Level 2)

As soon as you will be able to level up Jinx, it will be possible for you to use the Super Mega Death Rocket. So it will be more or less the same buff as Lucian.

Similar to Lucian, you must know that this buff is very impactful even though it does not look much like it.

It is sure that waiting for the next turn to use the Super Mega Death Rocket will slow down Jinx decks but that will be worth it. Most players think of it as a strange change as Discard Aggro is quite stronger now.


All the players will be happy to know that Taric is receiving a power buff increase by 1. You surely have noticed that poor Taric was having a hard time playing the game. That is why it will not be possible for Taric to pose a bigger threat once you level up the card and play. 

Tianna Crownguard and Wyrding Stones

The game devs are going to offer a buff to Tianna while giving a nerf to Wyrding Stones. You must know that Tianna Crownguard is a card that has been rarely seen in the play but is on the edge of it.

It is sure that Tianna just needs a +1/-1 to her stats in order to change the game. It is possible for all the players to know that Wyrding Stones has been in the meta for the past few months.

So it will come as no surprise that Wyrding Stones is getting a nerf, especially with all-new ramp options Freejord has at its disposal. 

Fuzzy Caretaker and Minah Swiftfoot

It will support decks and more specifically Lonia ones that have been fallen off the meta. There will be a small rework to Fuzzy Caretaker that may just help.

Minah, a card that has never seen play although it looks like a powerhouse. That is why providing Minah with a +1/-1 along with a quick attack may bring her on the radar.

Funsmith and Black Spear 

There will be more buffs to the card that never see a play such as Black Spear and Funsmith. You must know that Black Spear is getting a buff which will be definitely helping Lucian and Kallista decks.

Maybe, the pair will be able to make a comeback. As for Funsmith, you need to know that she is an interesting effect. Now, Funsmith has a big chance at 4 mana in order to make it into the meta. 

Riptide Rex and Eclipse Dragon

Riptide Rex is finally getting a nerf as you will know that despite having a nerf significantly, it was not easy to kill the card. While it will be possible for Eclipse Dragon to get a big buff.

You must imagine a 7 by 7 dragon with Fury will probably pose a bigger threat which will also make the card not easily removable. 

New Lab: Hexperimentation 101

The only thing that you need to know about the new lab is that it will be possible for you to get a choice of four experiments in order to craft a deck around in the Legends of Runeterra game. 

All Even: if you find all the cards in your deck to be even then it will cost you gain Start of Round: Give All Allies +1/+0.

All Odd: When all the cards in your deck are odd, it will cost you to gain Start of Round: Grant All Allies +0/+1.

No Followers: If there are no followers in your deck then you will gain: When you will cast your second spell in each and every round, you can create a follower that will cost less than or equal to your maximum mana. 

All Common: When there are all common cards that you find in your deck, you will gain Start of Round: Create a Leveled Up Champion in Hand. But it will only begin from Round 7 onwards. 

Changes To Gauntlets

You must know that the next two weeks of Gauntlets will happen to be the Standard Best of Three. But you need to know that they are only doing this in order to prepare for the first seasonal tournament that is going to happen around this December.

Players will be happy to know that Riot is also going to reduce the wins required for each and every Gauntlet. So it will seem like any player can be able to get the gauntlet with a little bit of struggle. There are so many players who look forward to playing the Legends of Runeterra game. That is the reason why we have tried to mention all the essential information about the game in this article.

We hope that this article was helpful for you in any aspect and you must know that the Legends of Runeterra game is not something that you should miss out on. So you need to make sure to play this game at least once to give it a try if you have not yet. 

With all these changes, the Legends of Runeterra game patch 1.14 is going to bring a lot of excitement along with a full package of enjoyment.

It is sure that all of you will find the Legends of Runeterra game so exciting and thrilling, especially when the seasonal tournament will begin. Enjoy the game, keep the climb, and embrace your Gauntlets.


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