Learn how to use trebuchets with Age of Empires 4

It will come in handy for your next seat

Here is a good idea: whileAge of Empires 4 should be an RTS in historical context, but with mechanics that are not really, Microsoft took advantage of the Xbox Stream of Gamescom 2021 to present Hands of History : a series of 28 mini-documentaries on the elements of history that inspired the content of the game.

Created in collaboration with historians and various experts, these videos will only be accessible from Age of Empires 4, but blocked behind a progression system that will allow you to obtain additional information on the life of the past when the players are there confronted in play. Of course, it will be a question of war techniques, but not only.

So the Xbox Stream gave a preview of one of these Hands on History which relates to the famous trebuchets, engineering jewelry from the Middle Ages that made a lot of lords tremble who thought they were safe behind their fortifications a priori impenetrable. Looks like nothing like that, but these war machines are much sharper and more complex than it seems, and good use is not within the reach of just anyone.

Tour at warwick castle in the UK, the video is presented by Shini Somara, a scientist who regularly presents programs on behalf of the BBC. In any case, there is prestige. This will give you plenty of time to learn when Age of Empires 4 will be available on PC from October 28 (included in le Game Pass).


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