League of Legends’ next support is already unveiled

As Zeri prepares to land on Summoner’s Rift, the 159th League of Legends champion is already talking about him! Here is everything we know so far about this next medium, also from Zaun.

To say the least, for League of Legends Season 12, Riot Games isn’t doing things by halves! While Zeri is preparing to take his first steps on the MOBA, the next champion is already revealed.

In all likelihood, this new recruit should be a support, but not just any support. This 159th champion should be a medium of a new kind, much darker than the usual enchanters.

A new medium is about to land on the fault?

During the opening live of Season 12 of League of Legends, Riot spoke briefly about the identity of the next champion, a support from Zaun.

The primary goal of the developers was to create an enchanting new style of support. While the rift is dominated by enchanters like Sona, Lulu, Nami, Yuumi, Janna, and many others, relying on shields and healing, the new medium should move away from that theme.

Lulu dans League of Legends
Riot Games

The next champion will deviate from the enchanting support archetype

There are already a lot of good-hearted, colorful, happy champions out there, and we thought the players deserved something more sinister, darker in order to balance that vibe. carefree“Said Ryan“ Reav3 ”Mireles.

Several players have suggested that the character in question could be Baroness of Chemistry Corina Veraza, currently featured in Legends of Runeterra. We must admit that his robotic arm is quite close to the one we can see in the teaser.

Riot Games

Will Corina soon land in League of Legends?

Of course, at the moment this is only a theory. Apart from the fact that it is a support originating from Zaun we do not know anything about its history at the moment.

The abilities of the upcoming League of Legends Support

While Riot has yet to describe its abilities, one thing is for sure, the developers are trying to fill a void in the enchanting media category. Because of this, his kit will probably be very expressive, allowing him to showcase himself instead of remaining in the shadows.

“We wanted to create a champion whose theme and kit would give the media the impression of being the bosses”Ryan “Reav3” Mireles added.

Release date

Since Zeri’s deployment is most imminent, this next medium will debut much later on League of Legends.

It will nevertheless be at the top of the list, enough to allow botlane aficionados to have an explosive combo soon on hand.


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