League of Legends: Buffs to boost the sale of skins?

Riot Games has responded to claims that balances in League of Legends are being made based on the arrival of new skins, in order to increase their revenue through cosmetic sales.

While League of Legends is free-to-play, MOBA skins are by far one of the main sources of revenue for Riot Games, which relies heavily on them.

To give you an idea, the developers have released over 120 new cosmetic items this year alone. Unsurprisingly, one of LoL’s oldest conspiracies revolves around these famous releases.

Many players are convinced that Champions would benefit from buffs just before receiving new cosmetic items. These adjustments would then aim to boost the sale of skins.

Jinx Arcane League of Legends
Riot Games

Recent League skins have all been based on their Arcane series.

Recently, this theory resurfaced on Reddit, where players claimed that the developers “Factor revenue decisions into gameplay changes, for example paying more attention to popular champions whose skin is released, rather than others”.

Riot responds to rumors surrounding League of Legends champion buffs

As spirits warmed to the rise of this theory, League of Legends senior game designer Matt “phroxz0n” Leung-Harrison took a stand, saying it was pure fantasy.

This long-held theory, is nothing more than that, a theory, he explained before revealing that the balancing team often has no idea what to do with the skins. , until they are officially announced.

“I know you won’t believe me, but the revenue from the game doesn’t count at all for the people who modify the gameplay”, did he declare. “I have been part of the balancing team since season 4 (…). Sometimes skins come out and I didn’t even know they were coming. ”

If his statements seem to have convinced a number of players, it would hardly be surprising if an upcoming event would breathe new life into this theory, once again reviving the debate. Case to follow!


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