Le Cross: why does Victoria Méhault hurt herself physically?

On her Snapchat account, Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) explained to her fans why she was hurting herself physically!

A few years ago, Victoria Méhault managed to make herself known thanks to her participation in Les Marseillais. From now on, her fans can find her in Le Cross all

Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) at its worst

After participating in the Fifty, Victoria Méhault is back in Le Cross. Fans are also witnessing his love story with Nicolo. As a reminder, the two got closer in

Victoria Méhault and Nicolo ended up concretizing this love. And they now live as a couple. In Le Cross, they must learn to live as a couple but also in a committee. And this is

Especially since Victoria Méhault and Nicolo are not part of the same team in Le Cross. At the start of the show, the two had a few altercations. But lately, the things seem to be going well.

In the last episodes, the fans have all the same seen that the young woman felt misunderstood by her family. She seems exhausted by the strategies that don’t really seem to make her happy.

If she does not look very fit in Le Cross, it is also the case in reality. In any case, this is what the young woman confided on her social networks. She did not hesitate to take stock about his health.

The reality TV candidate explained that she had to face some worries because of her mental health. A victim of anxiety, she seems to be having a hard time dealing with things lately. To the point of hurting yourself.

“I tore out all my eyelashes”

On her Snapchat account, Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) confided in her fans. She did not hesitate to indulge also on her tocs. One thing is certain, she spoke from her heart. Lately she is also very absent from the web.

Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) said: “I’m telling you the truth, I’m not snapping too much today because I’m hyper-stressed. There are a lot of things that stress me out. So I don’t know what to say”.

She explained that she had a lot of trouble manage your occs. And for good reason, these occur at any time of the day, but also at night. In any case, this is what she said on her social networks.

Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) revealed: “Look, I pulled all my eyelashes out with my bare hands while I was sleeping because I’m stressed, so I’m pulling them out. I don’t snap too much, too much all of a sudden”.

The beauty therefore comes to harm herself, it is for this reason that she is absent from social networks. Afterwards, she explained that she was going to take advantage of her loved ones and go out to stop dwelling on bad thoughts.

Fans of Victoria Méhault (Le Cross) hope that she will be able to move forward despite this bad period. To be continued !


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