Lauren German (Lucifer) confides in a scene that “terrified” her!

Lauren German opened up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The Lucifer star shares the most terrifying scene on the show.

One week after the broadcast of season 6 of Lucifer on Netflix, Lauren German confides on a stage of the series that “terrified” her. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! Warning, this article is likely to contain SPOILERS!

Lucifer finally bows out on Netflix

On September 10, the 6th and final season of Lucifer aired on Netflix. Fans therefore seemed delighted to be able to continue the adventures of the Hollywood’s sexiest devil.

But these new episodes were also greeted with a touch of sadness. Indeed, aficionados did not yet seem ready to say goodbye to their favorite characters.

Unfortunately, All good things come to an end. And the least we can say is that the creation of Tom Kapinos ended in style!

As a reminder, Lucifer allowed himself a few days on earth before finally joining Heaven. Bad luck, a new character has come thwart the Dark Lord’s plans.

Rory, the fallen angel’s daughter had traveled from the future to come and take revenge on his father. The reason ? This one was absent during all his youth. And she doesn’t seem to have forgiven him.

Determined to put an end to the days of her father, she even calls on Dan to give him some advice. Fortunately, things will indeed work out between father and daughter.

Finally, the young woman will understand that the future must not change. And that’s not all ! She will even end up forgiving her dad. A touching scene that will not fail to make some aficionados cry.

But while certain moments of Lucifer have melted the hearts of viewers, it seems that the actors were also able to experience a filming rich in emotions. Both at the level of laughter and at the level of terror. MCE TV tells you more!

Lauren German (Lucifer) opens up about a scene that has her "terrified" !

A terrifying scene for Lauren German

During an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Lauren German said: “ I love to remember the times when both I was very scared and when at the same time I laughed very hard on the set. »

This is what the interpreter of Chloe Decker explained to the American media before saying more. “In season 6, Lucifer and Chloe are in udo not farm lawyers. Lucifer then flies away with Chloe. “

“So Tom is actually hanging on cables and he’s holding me. I fly with him. I was so terrified during this scene. Even though, thanks to the height, we had a magnificent view, I was very scared. “

A scene rich in emotions which therefore seems to have marked the actress. But that’s not all ! Indeed, Tom Ellis co-star also remembers all the good times spent in the studios.

And the least we can say is that the adventure Lucifer is one of his favorites. ” I have never laughed so much. Tom, Colman and I laughed so hard while filming the church scenes in this episode that I couldn’t breathe anymore. »

And to finish thus: “We were dying of laughter. It’s just one of my best memories. We tried our best to be professional, but Colman, Tom and I lost our heads, to a point of no return. We were laughing so hard. ” It’s nice to hear!