last hours to get 130 € bonus

In a few hours, this generous bonus of 130 euros will be nothing more than a distant memory. For those who want to subscribe to Boursorama Banque, you have until midnight tonight to obtain this exceptional bonus. Beyond that, it will drop to only 80 euros. We remind you that this applies to the Ultim card only, that it is free and without minimum income conditions.

To discover Boursorama Banque, it’s here:

Discover Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Banque combines the superlatives: cheapest bank in France, largest online bank in France (3 million customers) or even best digital bank in Europe. When we know that a customer in a standard bank pays 215 euros in bank charges per year while the Boursorama Banque customer only pays 7.73 euros, the choice is quickly made.

If registration is done very quickly – almost like in a neo-bank – Boursorama Banque allows you to go much further. It has a range of banking products similar to that of a network bank. If you ever intend to leave your bank to choose this online bank, know that all banking products will be available and transferable: credits, savings, stock market, insurance etc.

To obtain the full 130 euros premium for the Pink Weekend, you will have to follow the standard subscription procedure. A first premium of 50 euros will be paid upon activation of the account. The second part will be paid after the order of the credit card. The latter is close to a Visa Premier on the benefits – knowing that it remains free and unconditional.

If Boursorama Banque so crushes the competition, it is because it offers the perfect compromise between quality and price (which is 0 € for 55% of customers…). The level of service is higher than that of traditional banks, including customer support. In 2021, online banking also kept its first position on the Customer Relations Podium.

To discover the Pink Weekend and the great bonus, it’s here:

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