Lags on Warzone make you feel like you’re in the Matrix

As the kickoff of Warzone Season 6 is fast approaching, nothing is going well with the battle royale which is plagued by numerous connectivity issues.

The multiple updates deployed throughout Season 5 of Warzone have successively brought a plethora of new content to the battle royale.

New game modes, new weapons, new operators, or even a new Gulag, there is something for everyone.


Season 6 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War to debut on October 7

However, these waves of new content have not been without problems. In recent weeks, Warzone players have been treated to a number of bugs, error codes and most importantly, lags.

While most players lose patience with the current state of battle royale, certain events nonetheless soften their daily lives.

Players complain about the instability of Warzone’s servers

For several days now, players have been reporting all kinds of connection problems, ranging from the inability to start a game, to games that do not load at the desired time, not to mention lags.

If because of these problems a good number of players see themselves cut the rug under the feet, others on the contrary live more distracting moments. Thus, by starting a game a player has managed to achieve a rather atypical first elimination.

Indeed instead of collapsing directly on the ground, his victim remained suspended, in a scene worthy of the Matrix.

We can only hope that with the deployment of Season 6, the developers will tackle these particularly frustrating connectivity issues.


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