Laetitia Milot (Plus belle la vie) will no longer be able to have children!

Laetitia Milot, who plays Mélanie Rinato in the popular soap opera “Plus belle la vie”, will no longer be able to have children. Explanations.

Today, in the magazine of Magicmaman, the actress of “Plus belle la vie” confides on her inability to become a mother once again. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Laetitia Milot suffers from endometriosis

Laetitia Milot is the mother of a little Lyana. She is now 3 years old. However, the actress of “Plus belle la vie” does not hide the difficulties encountered when she wanted to procreate.

Indeed, the latter suffers from endometriosis. Since her last operation, which took place just after the birth of her daughter, Laetitia Milot has been forced to take lifelong treatment. It is also necessary that the young woman is followed by a doctor.

During her interview, the actress of “Plus belle la vie” notably mentioned her inability to have another child. This is all the more difficult as her husband wanted a second. Ouch!

“Even if we would have liked to give a little brother or a little sister to Lyana, today we focus on his education. », she explained. Before adding: “We have a beautiful baby girl. We are the happiest in the world. “.

Although the actress knows that she will no longer be able to be a mother, she does not see it as a “mourning”. “On the contrary, I try to see the positive side. If we have chosen to publicize our desire for a child and its difficulties, it is to get things done and help couples and women who cannot conceive. “, she says. MCE TV tells you more about the association in which the actress of “Plus belle la vie” is involved.

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The actress of “Plus belle la vie” fights against the disease

You may not know it, but Laetitia Milot (Plus belle la vie) is the godmother of EnDoFrance. If the actress got involved, it’s for a simple reason: “Since Lyana, I want to fight even more so that people know this happiness, at least one time. “.

“But not all women want to have a child. What they want is no longer to suffer. “, she explains, before adding: “Today we are fighting with EnDoFrance to find sustainable and effective solutions to suffering. ».

The actress of “Plus belle la vie” met Olivier Véran, via the association. She states that the latter considers endometriosis to be a public health issue for France. “Things should be happening in September!” “, she exclaims. Well !

But she also leads other operations for the benefit of research. We can especially mention his passage in “Fort Boyard”. Or the single “Loin from here” with Vincent Niclo.

One thing is certain, it is thatshe is not lacking inspiration to help others. She even organized a charity storage room for children. “I also created an awareness post broadcast on TF1 and France 5, with personalities including men. “, says the actress of “Plus belle la vie”. Then she recalls all the same that it is a couple’s disease, above all.

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