Laeticia Hallyday: Jade presents for Joy since Johnny’s death!

On her Instagram account, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter, Jade, showed fans that she has been supporting Joy since the death of their dad!

A few years ago, France learned of the terrible death of Johnny. Since then, the rocker’s family has been trying somehow to recover from this loss. If Laeticia Hallyday has found love, it is more difficult to move forward.

Laeticia Hallyday’s daughters support each other since Johnny’s death

Laeticia Hallyday managed to find love alongside Jalil Lespert a few years after Johnny’s death. If the latter still occupies an incredible place in her heart, she has decided to

Laeticia Hallyday had all the same admitted that she had the impression of cheating on Johnny. Despite everything, she managed to move on. But things look a little more complicated for

The latter has also celebrated its 14 years this Wednesday, July 27. An event that will never be like before since Johnny will no longer be present. Touched, Joy has moreover shared a heartbreaking photo.

As she celebrates her birthday, the young girl shared an adorable snapshot surrounded by her parents. At each event, Joy also remembers time spent with his dad.

One thing is certain, the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday is having a lot of trouble recovering from the death of her dad. Fortunately, she can count on the incredible support of her family. Her sister, Jade, is also very present for her.

In Story from her Instagram account, the couple’s tallest daughter shared a very moving message for her sister’s birthday. First, she shared a old photo from their childhood.

“Grateful to have a sister like you”

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter told Joy: “We have shared so many magic moments in our life. I’m so grateful to have a sister like you to share the ups and downs.”.

Laeticia Hallyday’s daughter also added: “Thank you for always being by my side no matter what. I’m so lucky to have a sister and such an amazing best friend« .

Before continuing: ” I will always be there for you. I can’t imagine life without you. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I love you my sister “. Of the very touching words who moved the Web.

The main interested party will not fail to be touched by the words of her big sister. Subsequently, the daughter of Laeticia Hallyday shared other unpublished photos with her little sister.

One thing is for sure, the two have an incredible relationship. They are very close to each other. For her part, Laeticia Hallyday did not not made public statements to his daughter. At least, for now.

On June 15, it was Joy who made a beautiful declaration of love to her Johnny, for his birthday. She said on Instagram: ” I love you for life. It’s thanks to you and mom that I am who I am today”.

“I miss your humor, your jokes, your generosity, your voice, your songs that you sang to me, and the love you had for mom, Jade and me. (…) I hope you are well up there and that you are having a good time« .


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