La French Tech exploded the counters in 2021

1.44 billion euros. This is the astronomical total of fundraising carried out by four nuggets of French Tech at the start of 2022. PayFit and Ankorstore have thus become new unicorns (startups whose valuation exceeds one billion euros Editor’s note), while Back Market and Qonto are now the most valued French start-ups.

Particularly favorable conditions for investing in French Tech

This start of the year with a bang is in fact only a confirmation of the year 2021. As reported by a report from the analysts of Avolta Partners that consulted the Digital Factory, French Tech companies raised twice as much money in 2021 as in 2020: i.e. 11.1 billion euros and a new record.

Several elements explain this phenomenon, which should logically continue in 2022. Thus, venture capital companies have very large loans despite the health crisis. This abundance of liquidity is combined with interest rates that remain low. Therefore, it is preferable for an investor to bet on companies promised to significant growth, even if their profitability is not always assured.

This situation therefore logically benefited the already well-established French Tech leaders. Fifteen companies became unicorns last year: Sorare, Back Market, Contentsquare, Algolia, ManoMano, Vestiaire Collective, Alan, Ledger, Owkin, IAD, Lydia, Dental Monitoring, Swile, Shift Technology and Aircall.

Our colleagues also come back to the sectors that have stood out particularly well. This is the case with fintech, which has accumulated 2.1 billion in investment and an insolent growth of 200%. This market is followed by business software and healthcare, which have done well in 2021.

Finally, and this must also be taken into account, Frech Tech is not the only one to benefit from these favorable conditions and its performance remains lower than that of our British and German neighbours. They record respectively 30 billion and 16.5 billion euros in fundraising in 2021.


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