La Casa de Papel: Tokyo deserved a better ending in the series?

Have the showrunners harnessed the full potential of Tokyo? Not so sure … The heroine of La Casa de Papel would have deserved a better ending.

We can not say that the last season of La Casa de Papel was unanimous. Partly for fate that she gave to Tokyo. Would she have deserved a better final? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Tokyo real heroine of the series?

As we know, La Casa de Papel offers a host of characters. Thus, the Professor aroused the admiration of all fans of the series.

He is not the only one in this regard … Indeed, we know that Berlin has also done great noise and sensation to its audience.

Other characters, they have the misfortune to annoy the spectators to the highest point. Like Alicia, or even Rio, friend of the heroine in the series.

On this subject, the Tokyo final, sparks debate among fans from the Serie. Is she really the worthy heroine that she should be? Or is she getting stolen from the spotlight?

Attention, spoilers may rain in this article. Also, we advise you to see the last part of La Casa de Papel before continuing your reading.

Unless you want to of course spoil the suspense… Because today we will of course tell you about the fate of the heroine in the hit Netflix series.

Indeed, you may not know it, unless you are die-hard fans… But Tokyo had to pass the weapon to the left in the last episodes of the series.

A disastrous fate, which is not unlike that of Nairobi. What lead us to question ourselves on the development of the character.

Sometimes central character, sometimes narrator of the story, the character of Ursula Corbero displays complexity. However, it could have been worked much better.

The beautiful masked brunette did she deserve to die so to end the show in style? Should she have had an entirely different fate?

La Casa de Papel: is the character of Tokyo screwed up?

End clap for Tokyo, heroine of the flagship series from Netflix: La Casa de Papel. During the robbery of the Bank of Spain, the brunette had to face a very sad fate.

It is clear that the robber did not not really empathized throughout the work. Not even the admiration of the rest of the group.

His impulsive reactions have sometimes claimed the lives of certain characters. While his aggressive passive side left a bruised Rio throughout the seasons.

If the characters of La Casa de Papel have all been able to evolve over the episodes, what about Tokyo? Everything suggests that this one is ris at its initial point.

That is to say, that of a lost girl, who made the wrong choices in life. This is how the public will remember her heroine: to show off secondary characters.

Ultimately, this shallow, shallow heroine only served one cause in the series. Thing described by its creator:

“It’s a genre that has always been masculine and to which we transferred a feminine aspect with a narrator like Tokyo ”, he said to The Voice of Asturias.

” With very strong female characters in all the stages of the series, then we move at a frantic pace in which there is no downtime ”.


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