Konami announces first big eFootball update after fiasco

From its announcement in July, we felt that things were going to be delicate for eFootball 2022, replacing the legendary “PES” (Pro Evolution Soccer) license. Despite everything, we did not expect such a fiasco for the game’s launch a few days ago.

The Japanese publisher is trying somehow to turn things around by reassuring the community and promising many updates in the coming weeks to deliver a football game worthy of the name.

eFootball: complicated start to your career


© Konami

The idea for eFootball 2022 was quite interesting on paper. Konami wanted to change the model of football games sold at full price every year for a “simple” update of the roster and some gameplay changes. The Japanese publisher therefore wanted to offer a free game (free-to-play) with additional paid content allowing everyone to find the ideal formula. The problem ? It is that the quality of the title in itself is catastrophic.

Between the bugs, the grotesque gameplay, and the shameful graphics, eFootball 2022 has nothing going for it. Obviously, we will avoid talking about almost non-existent content. Faced with such a problem, players have expressed their anger and indignation on the Internet and social networks.

Konami a reacted a first time to apologize for the failed launch of the game. In a second press release, the publisher announces the arrival of the first big update for October 28.

Dear subscribers, Thank you very much for playing eFootball 2022.
We apologize again for any inconvenience you may experience with the game. We are preparing to release eFootball 2022 version 0.0.1 on October 28th. The latter will correct bugs that have already been reported and continue to be reported. We will give you more information as soon as we can regarding future updates. Thank you again for your support regarding eFootball 2022.
The Konami team

For our part, we still have not offered a test on eFootball following the publisher’s request. The latter suggests that we wait for the release of the first big content update (request made before the release of the title). You will soon find our complete test of the game once it is available with some comments on the “basic” version of the title to know if eFootball 2022 is really a free-to-play game. Or not.


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