Koh-Lanta: Ugo’s boy dreams of participating in the show?

In an interview with Télé Star, Ugo explained that his boy really wanted to participate in Koh-Lanta later!

Ugo has been impressing Koh-Lanta fans for several weeks now. Eliminated during the 1st council, he made an incredible comeback and did his best to get his place in the end.

An incredible course in Koh-Lanta

While Ugo (Koh-Lanta) has incredible potential, the other candidates decided to eliminate him during the 1st council. He therefore joined the island of the banished and won all the tests which allowed him to return to the competition.

To everyone’s surprise, he joined the other Koh-Lanta candidates during reunification. Untouchable when he came, he managed to win three immunities to the biggest surprise of all.

A real disappointment for Claude Dartois who plans to eliminate Ugo. When the latter won the last immunity test, Claude Dartois had a reaction that shocked fans. He looked angry at his victory.

The adventurer therefore managed to protect himself and it was Alix who left. One thing is certain, Ugo is the new darling of the fans. They also hoped that Loïc surrenders in the end.

For the moment, the young man is on the island of the banished. The adventurer of Koh-Lanta will have to fight to return to the camp. With Ugo, they are public favorites. The latter is also very happy with his career.

In an interview with TVMag, Ugo said: “I’m happy to be the grain of sand in the mechanics. I am coming back from far. I have nothing to lose. And if I can cover things up and annoy the other adventurers a bit, I love that ”.

Ugo is wary of social media

If Ugo is a real example for Koh-Lanta fans, he is also for his little boy. In an interview with Télé Star, he also made rare confidences about her little boy.

Initially, the Koh-Lanta candidate confessed: “During my first Koh-Lanta, he was eight months old. Watching Koh Lanta with my son is my big kif. I maintain the suspense with each episode. We live a great sharing between father and son« .

Before adding: “He wants to participate in it later”. He also explained that he informed his son that he was going to leave for the show: “I put my son in the confidence and everything went well with his mother, from whom I had just divorce before leaving for Koh Lanta« .

The candidate continued: “I also trusted Lisa, my new companion, whom I had met three months previously ”. One thing is certain, Ugo has big supporters behind him.

Ugo (Koh-Lanta) also confessed to Télé Stars: “The popularity is a bit surprising. It’s true that my journey has been quite mind-blowing this season. I realize it. I went out first ”.

“And that’s where I am now… it’s pretty mind-blowing what happened on this edition. (…) But I know how to be wary of social networks. I take the positive, because it can change quickly« .


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