Koh-Lanta: the winner of Ninja Warrior soon in the program?

On Twitter, Denis Brogniart confided that it would be ok to welcome the winner of Ninja Warrior, Jean Tezenas du Montcel, in Koh-Lanta!

This Friday, January 7, TF1 broadcast the new season of Ninja Warrior. And the least we can say is that Jean Tezenas du Montcel still impressed the public. The latter also wants to see him in Koh-Lanta.

Jean Tezenas du Montcel: the big winner of Ninja Warrior

Jean Tezenas du Montcel has, once again, succeeded in qualify for the Ninja Warrior semi-final. With his very impressive career, some of his fans would like to see him participate in Koh-Lanta.

Known to be the only winner of the game in France, Jean Tezenas du Montcel never ceases to impress by his strength but also his motivation. Assets that could serve him well if he decides to participate in Koh-Lanta.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, the young man also gave information about his incredible course in Ninja Warrior. He confided: “I think it’s time for me to lose! “.

Before adding: “In fact it’s simple, that I’ve been winning for three years. So either I stop and I keep this unbeaten status for a long time, or I don’t care and I just come to have fun with the friends ”.

The one who will surely participate in Koh-Lanta continued: “And I made that decision. I will pass for the guy who lost and that’s good. In season 5, I was already coming for fun and in the end I won… so we are never immune to a good surprise! “

“This year again I didn’t come telling myself that I was going to win. Be in the final a 6th time after winning Ninja Warrior three times, it is already a real victory. Many people would dream of it. I am very lucid ”.

Denis Brogniart validates the idea of ​​seeing Jean Tezenas du Montcel in Koh-Lanta

In an interview with TV Mag, Jean Tezenas du Montcel revealed that he would have liked to participate in Koh-Lanta. “It’s funny, I have had this suggestion several times”. Most there is a catch.

He explained : “A priori, the production of Koh-Lanta does not want candidates from Ninja Warrior. And prefers anonymous. While conversely, many adventurers have tried Ninja Warrior« .

Before admitting: “I have to admit that would have interested me. I would be amazed at my reactions to the lack of food and sleep. Me who am someone very nice and calm« .

The Big Ninja Warrior winner continued: “I think I would be a little embarrassed about the low blow side as well. But come to think of it, it’s a game. For example when I play Werewolf I am able to lie like a tooth puller« .

“Whereas in life I hate lying. In Koh-Lanta, I could have carte blanche. I say that today. But at the time, I would certainly take the things much more to heart« .

Jean Tezenas du Montcel concluded: “But hey, the question does not arise, it will not happen. After why not Ninja Warriors VS adventurers of Koh-Lanta ». For his part, Denis Brogniart has reacted to the idea of ​​a surfer.

The latter submitted the idea of ​​seeing Jean Tezenas du Montcel in the adventure. The host of Koh-Lanta then replied: ” And why not ? ».


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