Koh-Lanta: Lola victim of a big hassle in her hotel in Mexico!

On Instagram, Lola, former candidate for Koh-Lanta, shared her many troubles during her trip to Mexico.

If you were looking for Miss Catastrophe, you can choose Lola. Indeed, the former candidate of Koh-Lanta has just proven that she was chained to setbacks. Especially during his trip to Mexico planned for several weeks.

Le Covid s’invite

Before even telling you about the last galley of the young woman, know that the Covid-19 is partly responsible difficult times of the young woman. Is this surprising? Given that it has been crippling our lives for quite a while now.

But once more, he made a person’s life very complicated. In any case, this is what our colleagues from here is. The media relaying the latest stories of Lola de Koh-Lanta in which she shared her galleys.

The first being the fact that she saw herself refuse entry to the plane… A bit difficult, suddenly, to go to Mexico… Because swimming or boating, it takes a lot more time… And Loloa didn’t have all the time for her.

This is why she expressed her anger, but also some confessions: « I deserve slaps. It’s entirely my fault. Mexico does not require a PCR test or a vaccination pass. But the company can claim things. »

Did she know first before adding: « Mine asks for either an antigen test less than 24 hours. Either a PCR test with a somewhat vague duration or the vaccination pass. My pass is complete in France since I had the Covid-19 “.

And as you can imagine, stopovers were planned. As a result, the Koh-Lanta candidate had to comply with certain rules: “and I had a dose.” The problem is that we had to make a stopover in the United States. And there, they ask for a complete vaccination schedule”.

Koh-Lanta: Lola victim of a big hassle in her hotel in Mexico!
Koh-Lanta: Lola victim of a big hassle in her hotel in Mexico!

The galleys of Lola of Koh-Lanta

The young woman continuing by letting know: « between two and three doses. I knew it, but it was just a stopover for me”. A difficult moment for her who was still able to go to Mexico with an additional means.

By going to Geneva, the candidate from Koh-Lanta was able to pick up a plane to arrive at her destination. Good news that reassured her a lot. Given that travel is very important for her as she let it be known:

“Travel is my freedom. And my priority is openness to the world and to others. That’s what makes me happy. And I think it’s a shame that it’s getting so complicated.”. But she did not expect to know a new galley…

Indeed, once she arrived at her hotel room, Lola discovered with amazement that it had been flooded due to heavy rain. A flood that she shared on her Instagram account to her fans. Fortunately more fear than harm.

The Koh-Lanta candidate preferred to laugh at the situation rather than cry. Perhaps the fact of having chained the galleys helped her to take the situation in a cooler way… We hope all the same that she will be able to take the opportunity to rest.


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